New Year Holidays in the UK

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New Year Holidays in the UK

There are many stunning cities in the UK however, over the New Year period they turn into magical places where the most vibrant celebrations take place, especially since no where knows how to party and drink like the Brits. The first mention is of course London, from its biggest new year party on the banks of the Thames with its stunning firework display and then New Year’s Day parade (assuming you manage to get out of bed that day) with over 10,000 performers from all corners of the world. It is also however, filled with hundreds of small celebrations too across the city, there are swanky dances, opulent balls and concerts by some of the biggest names and much more. So, if you're looking for an all-night party with endless options London is the place to be.  Find a gorgeous apartment for your New year holiday and have a fabulous time. Or visit Manchester, here you’ll find all the best and biggest must go to clubs on New Years Eve, the whole city lights up and turns into one massive party with something to offer for everyone.  Then go back to your cosy little holiday home rental where you can collapse after a long nights partying.

Kids go wild

A great city where you can party into the New Year but that’s also child friendly is Cardiff, there’s a magnificent firework display that lights up the whole sky and most magical of all in the Winter Wonderland you can do a special midnight skate and literally skate into the New Year.  Watch the kids speeding around the ice rink with a reckless abandonment that only children can possess and celebrate the New Year with a glass of hot mulled wine. Then go back to your lovely spacious holiday accommodation where you'll have no problems getting the kids to sleep. Another great city to party in and bring the kids along is Edinburgh, they take the whole celebration to a completely new level with not only music and fireworks but also a whole host of events and entertainment. There isn’t just the New Year's Eve Street Party and Concert in the Gardens but many more events that continue for 3 days including a torchlight precession the night before. With all these great events and the amazing atmosphere there are endless things to do with the kids to keep them entertained.

New Year beach party

Another great place to take the kids on New Year is St Ives, here you can have a truly one of the kind New Year with thousands of people flooding its small streets dressed in all kinds of fancy dress, the party often spills over onto the beach turning the festivities into a New Year’s beach party. The street parties and fireworks mean the atmosphere is completely electric and the children will love joining the festivities and seeing all their favourite superheroes coming out to party. Or visit Newquay, again here everyone dresses up and turns the little town into a vibrantly coloured place while everyone drinks a good old Cornish cider together. Stay in a gorgeous little holiday cottage rental and take long walks across the icy beaches in the morning and feel the fresh salty air in your face. Everyone comes together in the central square at midnight for the countdown and then the customary rendition of Auld Lang Syne, after all this excitement and fireworks the party is by far not over and goes on long into the night.

New Year with fire

The quaint and quiet rural town of Allendale in Northumberland not only comes to life at New Year, but also celebrates it with a difference. Here men with their faces blackened, who are called 'guisers' bear flaming barrels though the town and then throw them onto a ceremonial bonfire. This creates an amazing spectacle and is a great and slightly spooky for those who love a bit of a gothic twist celebration. It is entertaining for adults just as much as children and will make for a very memorable New Year, while staying a lovely little holiday home for your New Year holiday that’s right in the heart of the town so you don’t miss out on any of the action.


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