Gorgeous New Years Holiday Homes

Spend an unforgettable New Year anywhere in the world in a gorgeous holiday rental of your choice and start your year with a bit of luxury.

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Make this year a New Year that’s special, start the year with a bang in a gorgeous New Year holiday home to remember. Watch as the velvet black sky is filled with rainbows of bright lights that sparkle and shimmers as they ebb away, the atmosphere is static with energy and excitement, as the countdown begins into the New Year. Be right there in the center of all the celebrations and feel the magic and then go back to your perfect New Year’s holiday home.

The sparkling city lights at new year

Party into the New Year with your friends in London and watch as the city lights up. The party continues right into the first day of the year with a New Year’s Day parade that you can’t find anywhere else. Find a gorgeous city apartment in Berlin and party into the year in style with shows, party tents and most importantly of all masses of food and drink. Experience a city like no other where culture is rich and the whole world comes together. Or why not go to Paris, find a gorgeous cosy little holiday rental and then celebrate the New Year on a boat for something truly different and enchanting. Cruise along the water and watch the fireworks over you in the worlds most romantic city or watch from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Make it a year to count

Spend a romantic New Year’s Eve in Portugal, go to the port of Funchal where the fireworks are famous for being one of the most extravagant displays. With an endless kaleidoscope of colours that fills the whole sky and reflects beautifully off the water. Or if you're coming with the whole family find the ideal family New Year holiday accommodation that everyone will love in Croatia. Stay in a big villa with magnificent views over the crystal-clear waters and then celebrate with rich music and entertainment perfect for everyone.

Keep calm and cosy up for new year

If you’re not a party animal at all but would rather spend your New Year somewhere cosy and warm in peaceful surroundings, the place to go is Somerset in England. Choose from an abundance of gorgeous holiday cottages dotted all around sleepy little villages like Over Stratton, covered in growing ivy and hidden away from the world. Explore the gorgeous apple orchards and see where some real cider comes from, then wonder in to the quiet rustic country pubs for some hearty home cooking.

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