Beautifully Scenic Holidays on a Houseboat

Make this holiday a little extra special and different, stay on a houseboat. Explore the beautiful scenery around you and relax on the deck of the boat in the sunshine and feel like you’re in complete luxury.

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Feel the fresh sea breeze gently brush your hair, the spray of the salty water on your skin and enjoy the views of the endless swaths of the jeweled blue waters. Have a holiday that is based completely on what you want to do and where you want to go. Renting a house boat is the ideal luxury holiday for some peace, quiet and adventure on the deep blue waters.

Crystal-clear waters to cruise over in a houseboat

Make your holiday home this year special, stay in a gorgeous wooden Italian boat for your holiday home. With a lovely cosy wooden interior covered in throw pillows and blankets perfect to lie back and relax in. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner on the enchanting wooden decks of the boat surrounded by fairy lights that twinkle of the water like crystals. Or go and explore Sweden, sail from one adventure to the next in a gorgeous boat just for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Explore the winding canals in a houseboat

If you're looking for something with more opportunities to explore the beautiful surroundings of your holiday house boat, then a perfect place is Germany. Drift along the sleepy canals and discover the gorgeous forests and towns surrounding them just waiting to be discovered. It’s the perfect family holiday in a nice roomy boat spend time together and go on adventures. Let the kids play while you sunbathe on top of the boat with a lovely gentle breeze brushing your skin to cool you down.

The romantic waves of the sea in your houseboat

Watch the sun set over the French rivers while having a gorgeous candle lit dinner in your very own private holiday house boat. Completely secluded from everyone else, enjoy your very own oasis where you can relax and enjoy each others company. Drift across the waters and discover all the beautiful hidden treasures, explore the rich greenery around and look out for some amazing wildlife spots.

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