Group Holidays in the UK

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Group Holidays in the UK

The United Kingdom is a diverse country, with everything from beaches, mountains, vibrant cities and charming villages. Whether travelling in a large group with family or friends, the UK offers something for everyone.

If you are wanting to explore the outdoors and enjoy hiking, cycling or simply want to stroll in the peaceful countryside, head to the Peak District in Derbyshire. As the first national park in the UK; the Peak District is filled with plenty of walking routes, quaint villages and historic homes. Other activities to enjoy here include horse-riding, climbing, caving and heading underground into the Limestone caverns. Situated close to Manchester, members of the group can also easily explore the  city from the Peak District.

If you are looking to explore the capital city, rent a large holiday apartment in London and enjoy all that the bustling city has to offer. With countless famous sights – from Buckingham Palace to Big Ben – activities such as Madame Taussauds or The London Eye – quirky areas like Camden and numerous restaurants and bars along the Thames, London really is one of the most exciting destinations to enjoy your group holiday. Explore the night-life, visit the historic museums (most of which are free) and take a boat ride on the river. As one of the global tourist destinations in the world, London is a great choice for your group holiday getaway. Another historic city worth visiting is Edinburgh. A picturesque city and the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh has plenty of ancient castles, local festivals and a wonderful old town to stroll through.

For a classic British seaside break, Llandudno in Wales may be the perfect location for you and your group. A typical Victorian seaside resort, Llandudno hosts stretches of sandy beaches, a pier filled with arcades and sweet treats and a nature reserve that overlooks the surrounding area. A large holiday home in Llandudno with children, friends or family may be just what you are looking for - with peaceful and beautiful surroundings and plenty to do for those of all ages.

The UK: Diverse, Exciting & Historical

With plenty of locations to choose from, the UK is a great choice for your group holiday. As almost everywhere is easily accessible with car or public transport, you can choose a large UK holiday home just about anywhere to suit all the needs of your fellow travellers. Why not even combine an outdoor adventure and a city break?! Happy travel!


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