Spanish Holiday Homes with Garage & Parking

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Spanish Holiday Homes with Garage & Parking

Explore Spain completely hassle free, pack everything that the kids or your four-legged family members could possibly need into the car and enjoy the wonderful sights. Then don’t have any worries about where to park or getting a space that’s nice and close because CASAMUNDO holiday home rentals come with their own parking space or garage. You can unpack everything from the car and put everything in that you need with ease, not have to worry about any security risks or getting baby car seats in and out.

Drive through the Spanish culture

For a holiday with a true cultural immersion the perfect place to go is Barcelona or Valencia, whether you decide to drive there or rent a car when you get there, where to then park it won't be a problem. With your gorgeous Spanish holiday apartment, you’ll have your very own private parking space. Wander through the whimsical architecture, centuries old neighbourhoods that date back to the Roman Empire and discover the stunning museums. Then when feeling adventurous jump into the car and explore the city even further then don’t worry about finding transport and sticking to set times because you can just jump in the car and do it all to your personal time plan.

All night Spanish party

If you’re a party animal and want to party the night away then the ideal place is Madrid however, it isn’t just an amazing party destination. Rent a gorgeous convertible car and explore its gorgeous vibrant neighbourhoods, the stunning parks it has to offer where you can lie back and recover from a long nights partying or go to some of the most luxurious shops and find something fabulous to wear that night.

A Spanish fairytale

If you’re in more of a romantic mood though then a great place to visit is Seville, it has endless fairytale romance that fills its gorgeous cobbled streets with the click clacking of horse drawn carriages in the distance wondering its candy coloured buildings that line the streets of where your holiday rental is with its own parking space. Then as the sun sets the stunning flamenco dancers come out and the city is filled with vibrant music and stunning dancers. Explore all the city has to offer in your car, get lost and see what wonderful things you find. Stay in a gorgeous cosy little holiday accommodation with your own parking space making your holiday stress free.

Sun, sea and sand in Spain

If you’re a true beach lover and can’t imagine anything else for your holiday, then why not rent a Spanish car and take a tour of all the best beaches in Spain. Explore the Spain’s Northern Coast and visit San Sebastian, its clear blue waters twinkle in the sunlight with soft golden sands that stretch endlessly along the water. It is known as one of the most famous Spanish food scenes and is the perfect place to eat to your hearts content the gorgeous cuisine, then go back to your lovely holiday home with its own garage and relax for the evening. Or visit the Canary Islands, drive through its magical neighbourhoods and get a taste of the local life, visit the lovely beaches and relax in the sun and be adventurous and go explore the swoon worthy national parks.


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