Stress Free Holidays with Garage & Parking

Instead of having a holiday filled with the stresses of working out where to put the car and whether or not its safe there, find your perfect holiday home at CASAMUNDO with a garage or parking space included.

Managing to fit all the essentials into one suitcase and some hand luggage can be extremely difficult, especially if you’re travelling with children too who seem to have a constant need for endless things. Those are just some of the many reasons why many are choosing to drive to their holiday destinations or rent a car on arrival to make getting around with the kids and the dog and all their necessities easier. The best thing to do is rent a lovely holiday home perfect for everyone that comes with a garage or parking space making your holiday as easy and stress free as possible.

A stress-free holiday with your car

There's no need to worry about finding a parking space somewhere nearby on the side of the road or having the fear of losing the perfect space that you found after circling round several times. Or worst of all trying to squeeze your car into the only space left within a decent vicinity from your holiday accommodation. Then also trying to complete some overly complex parking because the gorgeous streets of Portugal or Malta can be quite tight. With a parking space or garage easily come and go whenever you want to. Don’t worry about trying to squeeze into the car with all the bags and the kids because the other cars are parked too close. As well as that as an added benefit it is much securer too and you won’t have to worry about any damages happening or leaving anything in the car.

Four-wheeled adventures around the country

There are many advantages to having your own parking space or garage at your holiday home rental. If you’ve explored everything nearby and would like to venture further away to discover what other wonders your holiday destination has to offer, then you don’t need to worry about finding the right transportation there and keep to the restricted times that they come and go. Instead just hop in to the car and come and go as you like which is a great advantage to having a car. Do a tour of all the best Spanish beaches and find your favourite one. But make sure to watch your beloved four-legged fur babies strolling along the golden sands and jumping through the cool waves you wouldn’t want to lose them as they start going on a solo adventure. Play ball games with them and the kids on the beaches and go hunting for the most exotic shells.

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