France´s hidden treasures

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France´s hidden treasures

While France is very well known for its iconic scenery and great tourist venues one of its hidden traits is that it’s the ideal place to go fishing. There are over 75 exotic lakes, rivers and bays that you can discover and have a great relaxing holiday on the gorgeous waters and many fun things to do around them. Find a gorgeous little French holiday home right by the water with stunning views, lovely restaurants and cafes and a great culture to immerse yourself in.

A romantic break on the waters

While fishing may not be everyone’s cup of tea, a great place for a romantic getaway that has fishing but also many other attractions is Arcachon Bay located on the South-Western coast of France with its lovely seaside holiday rentals. It has a few small islands scattered around it which add to its stunning views and are ideal to explore or just sunbathe on if you don’t want to just fish. Watch the skies turn into a stunning pink every morning as the sun rises of the azure waters, charter a boat for the day and have a lovely picnic while exploring and fishing or be daring and try windsurfing or kitesurfing. It is also known for its extremely delicious seafood, some of which you may even catch yourself, including Oysters, Sea Bream, Bluefin Tuna and Sea Bass.

A peaceful spot

If you’re looking for a destination where you can just peacefully fish and feel yourself relax in the French sunshine then Lac du Bourget is ideal, it is covered by the Jura Mountains on the North of France. It is the largest and deepest lake in France and was formed around 19,000 years ago, it is known as the jewel of the Rhone-Alps region. There are plenty of potential fish to catch and take home to eat at your cosy holiday accommodation like Pike, Perch, Zander and Trout however, there are over 30 species living in its deep blue waters. After all the fishing a great place in the area to really relax are the local hot baths and they are also very useful for arthritis and other ailments.


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