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Fishing holidays: A new challenge!

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If fishing is one of your passions or a hobby you would like to improve on, fishing holidays offer a a relaxing and rewarding getaway. Fishing trips are a great way to enjoy some time-out, relax from the stress of every day life and set new challenges for yourself.

The practice, which dates back at least 40,000 years, can be undertaken in many different environments – from lakes and rivers to deep sea beds – in many different regions. Today, it is more than a just a sport for food, but provides a challenge, requires patience, persistence and is rewarding. Europe offers numerous fishing opportunities – whether it be the gentle streams in Tuscany, from Whitby Pier in England or deep-sea fishing off the coast of Spain.  As the sport takes place within nature, fishing holidays allow you to unwind and take in your surroundings, whilst also offering the opportunity to explore by foot – if you can draw yourself away from the rod.  Whether a beginner of professional angler, fishing holidays offer something for everyone with a passion for the hobby. 

For every angler, fishing in a different environment means dealing with the challenge of different fish species and   fishing strategies. Fishing trips can be done with the help of an angling guide, which is particularly useful for beginners and those who aren't used to the environment. Others may choose not to take a guide, if they feel confident enough to fish independently or with friends. Guides will not only help with angling techniques and fishing grounds, but will be able to teach you a little more about the region in which you are in. However, and wherever you decide to spend your fishing holiday, an angling trip is an invaluable and challenging experience for every enthusiastic fishermaExperience new challenges on your fishing holiday n.

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