Farmhouses in the stunning scenery of the Netherlands

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Farmhouses in the stunning scenery of the Netherlands

Your holidays on the farm in Holland for unforgettable experiences

If you are planning a family holiday in the near future, a stay in a farm in Holland will delight everyone. Children in particular can live in superb moments, amid animals and wide-open spaces. The parents will find there a calm and relaxing holiday environment near authentic landscapes. Book your holiday rental on a farm in the Netherlands and discover the charms of the Dutch provinces.
Your farm, a relaxing holiday and starting point for the discovery of the Netherlands

The provinces of the country where you will most likely spend holidays are the agricultural regions- Discover the beauties of the provinces of North Brabant, Gelderland or Overijssel! The cottages and the lakes of this last region will astonish you, for example in the wonderful village of Giethoorn. Take a bike ride from your farmhouse, or ride the horses from the farm to follow the trails along the small rivers of the country. Hire a boat to sail calmly on these magnificent streams and stroll through the narrow streets of villages with such a singular look! If you spend your holidays in the province of Gelderland, the landscapes will be more wooded and have a more continental aspect, and you should not miss visiting its capital, Nijmegen, commonly considered the oldest Dutch city. You will not want to miss out on excursions during your holiday on the farm in the Netherlands.

Farm holidays, fun for the whole family

On holiday on a farm around Holland, you will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where many outdoor activities will entertain young and old alike. Children will have plenty of space for them to play or take care of farm animals and evenings spent by the fire in the middle of the farm will bring the rest awaited after the activities of the day. You will also have access to local products of incomparable quality; what better than fresh milk on the breakfast table? Our farm holiday rentals in the Netherlands offer an incomparable stay, where tradition, tranquility and outdoor recreation are combined in the middle of splendid landscapes. Don’t wait to book your farmstead in the land of tulips!


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