Beautiful farm stay holiday rentals in Poland

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Beautiful farm stay holiday rentals in Poland

Rustic, cosy and endlessly fun Polish farmhouses

Renting a holiday farmhouse in Poland is ideal for everyone, during the day you can go explore your surroundings with the kids and let them learn all about the animals around them. They can watch the sheep grazing in the lush green fields and stroke their fluffy thick fur, then see the cows lounging around and enjoying the sunshine with their shiny black and white spotty coats and then maybe go and see the magnificent horses which are always happy to greedily eat any treats on offer with their big tickly mouths. After all the excitement of the animals the kids can go and explore the rusty old tractors that live forever and the haybales that look like they’ve been spun from gold in the barns.

Adventure awaits behind the Tatra Mountains

There´s an abundance of magical places to explore around your holiday farm apartment too, with many wonderful things to see. Tucked away behind the Tatra Mountains that are covered in glittering snow in the winter and sparkling bright gems in the summer is a little village called Zakopane, it´s one of Poland´s most famous mountain towns. Its only a short distance away from your holiday farm stay making it a perfect place to go and explore and see the wonders it has to offer. Another magical place to explore in this area are The Valley of Five Polish Ponds, it’s a soaring mountain in a post glacial area making it look like a thousand diamonds are winking at you under the sun. Each pond is in its own enchanted oasis mirroring the diamond encrusted mountains around it, there are several different trails that you can take to explore it for a great and magical day out exploring all the different things each little oasis has to offer. 


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