Farm Holidays in France

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Farm Holidays in France

Farmsteads & Holiday Cottages in Rural France

There is nothing quite like a farmstead in rural France, with the green, rolling hillsides and peaceful atmosphere surrounding you. Enjoy a holiday cottage on a farm with your family and explore the wonderful outdoors. Whether you prefer being near a forest in the North or out near the rustic hills in the South, France offers everything you could want from a holiday in the countryside.

Located in the centre of the country, the Auvergne is a mountainous and beautiful area that is popular with hikers and offers plenty of outdoor activities. Full of forests that cover dormant volcanoes as well as expansive valleys, there are plenty of planned routes for you to follow, allowing you to take on difficult or more relaxed terrain depending on your level of experience. Known as the “Region of Regions,” due to the sheer diversity within the area, the Auvergne offers so much to see in its various sub regions, whether you visit the vichy area or Forez,  the Dômes or Le Mézenc.

The Auvergne is also known for its variety of cheeses. Try Bleu d'Auvergne or Cantal  both made in the region for a contrast of blue and soft cheese. French cuisine alone may be enough to inspire you to stay at a farmstead in France. Even if you aren’t directly on a working farm, staying in a rural area will offer the opportunity to try the local and freshly made produce from the locals. Venture out on a morning walk and pick up some eggs or ask to pick your own if you are staying with the kids! If you are looking at relaxing and enjoying the quiet French countryside, a break on a French farmstead may be the ideal trip for you. Staying in a rural cottage will give you a relaxing break from the stresses of the office and traffic of the city centre.

Outdoor Activities, Wine Regions & Cities

Another popular spot to rent a holiday home in France is Aquitane. Boasting both a coast and the Pyrenees Mountains in the south-west of France, Aquitane is a picturesque region. The capital of the region, Bordeaux, is famous for its wine and is often referred to as the world's wine capital. Relax in your peaceful Aquitane farmstead before heading out to enjoy the beautiful city of Bordeaux and all of its treats. Try Oysters, rich steaks with garlic butter or even snails and wash your meal down with a gorgeous glass of red wine. Being on a farm, you can get to know the owners, try fresh produce and share meals together thanks to self-catering accommodation.

As the holiday cottages in France are often in the countryside, the surrounding areas are often ideal for walks, hikes or cycling, meaning there is something to keep everyone entertained. Whether you are looking for a peaceful, romantic break with your loved one or a fun getaway with family, farm holidays in France have something for everyone. If you enjoy your farm holiday in France and are keen to experience more, why not head across the French border and rent a farm house in Belgium?


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