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Farmhouses in the stunning scenery of Croatia

Experience rurual life through your farmhouse stay in Croatia

This country on the Adriatic coast retains a unique character and will not disappoint you when you book a holiday home here, especially an idyllic rural farmhouse. Farmsteads are ideal holidays if you want to escape the daily city life

Farmstead in Croatia

When you stay in a Croatian farmstead you can try the local cuisine, with locally sourced foodstuffs, wines and olive oils. You can even buy the ingredients yourself and try and make the recipes in the comfort of your own farmhouse!
Croatia has a growing reputation for festivals – not just in the party ones held on the beaches on the coast, but also the small-town cultural festivals. And in Zagreb there are some new galleries and art attractions has given the country a cool and contemporary sheen.

Experience nature on your farmstead holiday

Croatia boasts almost 2000km of rocky coastline and more than a thousand islands, and many of them are green and luxurious. Even during high season there are quiet coves and stone-built fishing villages to make you feel as if you’re visiting Europe at its most unspoiled.
There’s plenty in the way of urban glamour too. There are yacht-filled harbours and cocktail bars aplenty – especially in destinations such as Dubrovnik and Hvar. Wherever you stay you’ll find that Croatia retains an appeal for independent travelers as much as families that’s unrivaled by destinations elsewhere in the Mediterranean.


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