Enjoy family time together on a Belgium farm holiday

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Enjoy family time together on a Belgium farm holiday

Faith, trust and pixie dust in Belgium

Escape to the Belgium countryside with your family for a relaxing, fun and adventurous holiday. Let the kids run wild and be as loud as they like since no one will be too close to your farm stay holiday home to disturb. Play endless games, explore the gorgeous surroundings and spend time lounging in a sunchair and top up your tan.

If you’re there between late April into May then a must – see attraction in your surrounding area is the Blue Forest between East Flanders and Flobecq in Wallonia. Each year the forest is over taken by an abundance of stunning bluebells, that turn the forest into an enchanting fairy – tale world.  As they sway in the wind and the sun catches them it´s almost as if real fairies are hiding between them and playing while spreading their golden fairy dust. Another enchanted place in Belgium that looks like it´s come straight out of a fairy – tale is Gravensteen Castle in Ghent, East Flanders, however it also has a darker side to its history.

Four legged friends in Belgium

There´s nothing more special than for children to be around animals and learn how to treat them and respect them. With a holiday home on a farm in Luxembourg or West Flanders there is endless fun to be had, from the little herd of micro pigs running about in excitement looking for any attention as they gather around you and tickle you with their adorable sniffly noses while you cuddle them. To the sheep baaing away in the field while grazing on the grass and watching over their little lambs as they play, feed the little lambs with a bottle of milk and watch them scramble over each other in pure joy for some extra milk as a treat. Then go over to the black and white spotty cows lazing about and learn to milk them and give them a little stroke on the head as they look at you with their big doe eyes. Lastly go and make friends with the horses who are extremely caring and gentle with their smooth silky hair.

Staying somewhere more secluded is also a great chance to really relax and spend some quality time together with the family without having to worry about anything else, especially the stresses of everyday life. Sit back and relax in the sun with a lovely cool glass of fresh lemonade and let the day go by, wander through the gorgeous varying landscape and discover the different flora and fauna there. See if there’s any succulent fruit and vegetables that you can find to pick along someone wildflowers to make the house smell fresh and bright.


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