Farmhouses in the stunning scenery of the UK

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Farmhouses in the stunning scenery of the UK

Farmhouse in the UK

A Farmstead holiday in the UK is the perfect place for you and your family – or even you and your partner, to just relax and unwind in the English countryside and enjoy the scenery and the atmosphere within the privacy of your very own farmhouse on your holiday. Farmhouses in England are perfect whatever the season, in the summer you can immerse yourself in the hills and go on long walks and cycles and these activities are just as enjoyable in the winter. Many activities are available in the vicinity of our English Farmsteads. Booking a farmhouse in the UK means you can get cozy by the fire or just get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life easily on your holiday.

You are spoilt for choice in UK

One of the many places you can rent a farmhouse in the UK is Looe. Looe is seaside town situated in Cornwall, England, and also boasts a fantastic fishing port. Booking a Cornish farmhouse means that you will have the beach and sea right on your doorstep. Not only is there countryside to enjoy when you stay here, but there is also beautiful English countryside all around you and fantastic selection of pubs and restaurants. 

Just above Looe in the region of Devon you will find Axminster, a peaceful and rural market town. It is full of history and has good rail links. If you make your way east towards London you will find Henfield. Henfield lies on the edge of the South Downs National Park and is a great place to engage in countryside activities whilst staying in an English Farmstead.

Scotland Farmsteads

The UK does not only have Farmsteads in England. There also Farmsteads available in Scotland! Farmsteads in Scotland will offer you another culture and another atmosphere. Whether you dream of escaping to the Scottish Highlands or the Scottish coast, for example Oban, you will be able to experience it with Casamundo.


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