Farmstays in Switzerland

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Farmstays in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country known for its beautiful landscapes which are filled with the ringing of cowbells and idyllic cottages, alongside sophisticated towns and cities that combine heritage with a modern edge in a way that only the Swiss could do. Staying in a farmhouse is the only way to experience Switzerland as it should be.

Central Switzerland should be your first stop if you want the classic swiss experience. The location of Switzerland’s declaration of independence in 1291, the Central Swiss region can deservedly be called the “heartland of Switzerland.” Set out early from your farmstay and explore the rolling countryside and the alpine delights that surround your home before taking a dayrip out to Lake Lucerne. Surrounded by forests and mountain peaks, the lake offers everything from secluded corners accessible by boat, to scenic routes which you can follow. From here you can stop by the city of the same name ad explore the beautiful old City and its undeniably Swiss character. If the likes of Wagner and Queen Victoria of England judged it to be a classy commune then no doubt can be left that you will too!

Nearby Zürich is one of Switzerland’s most important cities and as a centre of culture combining elements of German and French influence, it will leave a lasting impression with you. Sitting between Lake Constance and Lake Zurich, staying in a farmhouse near to Zürich will afford you a multitude of different day trips while giving you a piece of the Swiss countryside to enjoy alongside some chocolate, wine or cheese.

To the East of Lake constance lies the region of Eastern Switzerland, which combines alpine delights and plenty of routes for cycling. Perhaps the best part of Switzerland’s outdoors and less busy with tourists, Eastern Switerland has some beautiful sights. Visit the Rheinfall, the largest waterfall in Europe and the home of some spectacular waterways. If you are looking to do some skiing, Toggenburg will have you more than covered with its 8 resorts that are spread through the mountains. If you are an experienced skier or a novice you will be able to enjoy  the slopes of Toggenburg which are excellently maintained and well laid-out.


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