Farmstays in Spain

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Farmstays in Spain

Spain is famous for its beaches and beautiful city centres but to overlook the countryside and rural areas that it offers, would be to completely ignore an equally important part of the country’s identity. Home to a number of different microclimates, from cooler areas with foliage in the North, to the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Andalusia, Spain offers so much for those looking for a wilder and unspoiled destination for their holiday. A farmstay in rural spain is the best way to really experience this country and all that it has to offer. 

Farmsteads in Andalousia

Andalusia, is one of the best regions in Spain for a holiday in a rural setting. Home to Granda, Seville and Malaga, it offers a mixture of lovely cities alongside open countryside that is perfect for hiking or cycling. The Sierra Nevada has appeared in countless films due its perfect desert landscape which is contrasted by the mountain range surrounding the desert, that is often covered by snow. Granada displays a unique blend of Moorish influence in the form of the Alhambra palace alongside a rough beauty in the city which compliments the surrounding desert environment in which it is located.

Rent a Farmsteads in Galicia

Galicia to the North-East of Spain is a little off the beaten path for most tourists and therefore remains unspoiled. Home to the pilgrimage destination of Santiago de Compostela, following the paths which thousands of pilgrims have taken along their journey in the past, will take you through some lovely valleys and rivers too. Keep an eye out for the  pedras de abalar, stones that stand balanced and were used to judge innocence or guilt of criminals in the past. In Rias Baixas you will find fjord-like landscape alongside superb beaches. Seafood and particularly octopus are extremely popular in Galicia as well as Ribeiro, Albarino and Mencia wines too. The attraction of Galicia lies in its landscapes and if you are looking to stay in a more rural setting, Galicia should be at the top of your list.

Even in Majorca!

Majorca is a large island known for its vibrant party scene but if you venture away from the notorious Magaluf, it offers plenty of beautiful retreats between the capital of Palma and Soller. The capital’s Cathedral is one of the most beautiful in Spain and the ancient Moorish palace offers an insight into the history of this island, alongside views of the island from the top. Find the right farmstay or villa for you and find yourself nestled between olive groves and citrus orchards. Catalonia near the border of France offers plenty of opportunities for a farmstay. The Catalan Pyrenees are a treat for walking fans and are full of lovely farmhouses. You could easily pop over the border as well to explore rural France. Expect rolling hills and friendly locals during your stay in Catalonia, alongside fantastic beaches and a unique metropolis that loves a good fiesta in Barcelona. Catalonia compromises between natural beauty and modern city life in a way that is completely Spanish, or Catalonian as you should say to the locals!

Farmstays in Spain are the most authentic way to experience whichever part of Spain that you visit, whether that is the unique North that borders with Portugal, catalonia which borders with France or one of the coastal areas and the Sierra Nevada. Rural accommodation in Portugal will make you feel at home in this warm country and provide the ideal backdrop for your holiday in Spain.


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