Farmhouses in the stunning scenery of Portugal

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Farmhouses in the stunning scenery of Portugal

Farmstay Portugal

Renting a farmstead in Portugal is truly worthwhile investment, appreciate the countryside and the sun whilst you unwind. Enjoy a holiday cottage on a farm with your family and explore the wonderful outdoors. Whether you prefer being near a forest in the North or out near the rustic hills in the South, Portugal offers everything you could want from a holiday in the countryside.

Northern Portugal

Northern Portugal is a region which is incredibly diverse, which makes it a very interesting and fun place to rent a farmstead. This region is full of vineyards and granite villages but also snow covered in mountains and medieval alleys. With Porto to the east and in historical sites to the west. Many Portuguese locals also holiday in this region, so you can count on it not to disappoint. There is countryside and wildlife all around you in this region and when you book a farmstead in Northern Portugal you will appreciate being immersed in nature.

Costa Verde

Full of baroque buildings and seaside towns, this is also an area loved by the Portuguese themselves. Unlike the south of Portugal, the weather is not as reliable, but that means you’ll get less crowded but just as beautiful empty beaches and some of Portugal's finest cuisine. Costa Verde is also very well known for seafood!


This is Portugal’s garden paradise. Booking a Farmstead here is advisable if you have a passion for different species of trees and flowers. If you visit Madeira’s coast and you’ll come across small rocky coves and pebbly bays. This is a great location for a Farmstead as you can experience the coast and the countryside together and not have to travel very far.


Rural Alentejo farmsteads that are available offer beautiful landscapes, undulating fields, cork oak and olive trees and a stunning coastline. The weather conditions are fantastic as it is one of the warmest parts of Europe, but there is also a sea breeze. So enjoy white sand purple cliffsides when you rent a farmstead in Alentajo.

So don't wait to book your farmstay in Portugal!


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