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Farmstays in Italy

Your perfect holiday in a farmstead in Italy

Italy as a country famous for its rustic nature, exquisite cuisine and natural beauty, lends itself perfectly to farmstays. A country known for its historical cities, the more rural areas of Italy are equally as exciting with their unique charm and regional recipes. Many farmstays aren’t too far away from larger cities making them ideal for your holiday if you prefer the relaxed feel of accommodation that isn’t located right in the busy city centre. 

Tuscany is probably the first region you think of when you are looking for somewhere in rural Italy, as it really is the definition of rustic. Full of stunning cities and pathways such as the Garfagnana, Lunigiana, Casentino and the Florentine hills, Tuscany is the perfect contrast between classic Italian cities and the Italian countryside that dreams are made of. Hiking in this area you will really experience a sense of freedom and unspoiled nature.  While Florence the capital of the region is particularly known for its outstanding beauty and rich culture, the surrounding countryside has its own charm and represents a truly idyllic experience for the visitor. Stay in San Gervasio and be entertained by the locals and their local produce or San Gimignano to experience a Medieval town with an impressive skyline courtesy of the dozen towers that have been built over the centuries. Similarly, Siena is another small Medieval city that you can visit that is perfect for some Tuscan wine tasting.Venture out from your farmstay and you are bound to find a stunning view to enjoy. Explore and find the best place to enjoy the sunset with your friends or family, bring a picnic or a bottle of local Tuscan Wine. Tuscany's cities are one of the main draws to the region and from Pisa to the capital Florence, you will find cultural centres of food, art and music, alongside friendly locals and typical baroque architecture.

Liguria is another region with plenty of rural properties and farmstays. Lying in the North-West of Italy, it offers a combination of Italian and French cultural influences alongside the lovely beaches of the Italian Riviera. Inland you will find rolling, hilly countryside alongside mountains. Lake Garda as the largest of its kind in Italy, and sitting central in Northern Italy in between the largest cities, makes for a fabulous day trip or holiday location too. Lombardy to the North provides tourists with many opportunities for hiking, cycling and relaxing in spas, aside from the attraction of Venice, Padua and Treviso. In the south, Alberobello draws visitors for its unique trollo architecture which feature circular roofing and white brickwork. While these technically aren't farmstays, they resemble small cottages like you have never seen before. Originally built to avoid taxation in centuries gone-by, they now put this small commune on the map. Nearby Lecce, is also known for its own style of architecture and makes for a great day trip too.

Book a farmstay holiday and experience diversity

Italy is full of little-known secrets, lending it to those who like to explore slightly off the more beaten track. Located in central Italy, Assisi is a beautiful town to stay in, if you are looking for a place with a mixture of authentic history and culture in a stunning setting. Originally a site for pilgrims, it now attracts visitors for its distinctive winding streets and ornate devotional works which are found everywhere, from the basilica of San Fancesco d’Assisi, to the Basilica of Santa Chiara. Staying in the centre of Assisi or the surrounding countryside will offer the perfect experience of rural Italy.

No matter where you opt to spend a holiday in the Italian countryside, you will be impressed by the range of high quality properties in the best locations. The rural parts of Italy have a rough beauty and embrace Italy’s proud tradition of regional autonomy and identity to its fullest, making a farmstay or cottage, arguably, the most authentic way to experience Italy!


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