Farmhouses in the stunning scenery of Austria

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Farmhouses in the stunning scenery of Austria

Austria is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a rural stay in a farmhouse. From the mountains to the valleys, Austria is ideal for outdoorsmen. Whether it’s in Salzburger Land, Tyrol or Vorarlberg, you are sure to find your ideal farmhouse with Casamundo.

Explore the mountainous regions of Austria

SalzburgerLand is one of Germany’s most iconic regions. The surrounding mountain ranges and deep green valleys are world renowned and boasts some of the cleanest air in the world. One of the most famous musicals of all time – the sounds of music- was also filmed in SalzburgerLand, because of the beautiful scenery. With the backdrop of snowy mountains and the view of this picturesque setting right on your doorstep, a farmhouse in SalzburgerLand is a very desirable location.

Visitors to Tirol are spoilt for choice when they stay in this region. This enchanting mountain landscape is sure to impress. There are also numerous outdoor activities to enjoy when you aren’t enjoying your farmhouse!  Hiking and trekking are popular activities in the summer months, while in winter the trend moves towards alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and tobogganing in the enchanting snowy landscape. These activities are great fun, and Casamundo farmhouse is the ideal place to sample some of the delicious local specialties and relax after a long day out and about in the fresh air.
Vorarlberg is one of the smallest provinces in Austria, but no less picturesque or beautiful. Your farmstay in Vorarlberg will demonstrate to you the uniqueness of the Austrian Alps. Whether you want to cycle, hike or just explore the trails, everything you would want from a rural Austrian holiday is in easy access from your Austrian farmhouse.

Stay in a place where the most beautiful lakes are right on your doorstep

Carinthia is a southern Austrian region and is perfect if you want to rent an Austrian farmhouse by a lake. The Wörthersee is a fantastic lake and one of the most stunning attractions in southern Austria. This idyllic province with over 200 lakes is an Austrian holiday paradise. Perfect slopes and great snow conditions for skiing trips in winter and then in summer there are sparkling lakes and the very best spa and wellness hotels for summer holidays.
Those seeking their own personal winter dream will find it a stone's throw away in Upper Austria when booking a Austrian farm house. Whether you're a family of skiers or little snowman builders, you can all enjoy your winter holiday on excellently prepared slopes with spectacular natural backdrops, or at one of the countless traditional huts in the mountains and valleys.


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