Family Holidays Wales – Explore This Great Country

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Family Holidays Wales – Explore This Great Country

If you are planning your holiday this year, then why not visit the beautiful county of Wales. England's peaceful neighbour offers top quality cottages in Wales that are suitable for all families, that want a unique holiday experience. With a diverse range of activities, Wales family holidays guarantee fun for the young as well as the old.

Beach holiday with the family

Wales offers a wide range of cities, towns and villages to suit everybody. One of the most popular family holiday locations is the seaside resort of Colwyn Bay. There are great opportunities for those who enjoy watersports as well as those who enjoy fishing, cycling and hiking. Great for those who enjoy the great outdoors whilst on holiday. With plenty of beaches to stroll along, including the Old Colwyn Beach, for those who enjoy beach holidays, the country of Wales is perfect for a trip. Llandudno is also a popular holiday destination for those who enjoy being on the coast surrounded by their loved ones in Wales cottages. Found in the North of Wales, the coastline and piers here are exquisite and attracts many tourists every year. In May, the Victorian Carnival takes place and is great for family friendly fun! Wales is also a great holiday location for those who enjoy the countryside. With thousands of hiking and cycling trails throughout the country in locations such as the Isle of Anglesey and Brecon, you will feel at peace in the great valleys of Wales surrounded by the breathtaking scenery.

Family holidays Wales – Explore Wales together

Not only does Wales offer great holidays along the coast and in the countryside, but there are many large cities in Wales that are well worth visiting. The capital city is Cardiff and why not stay in modern city accommodation and visit the beautiful sights of this city. The Cardiff Castle, found near the Bute Park, is perfect during summer for a picnic for you and your loved ones to sit out and enjoy the sun. The high street also offers great stores to shop till you drop! The smaller city of Swansea can also be found in the South of Wales and the Swansea Bay is where many families flock to as the coastline here offers the chance to try out various watersports and the Gnoll Estate Country Park is a great place to visit for a day trip.


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