Family holidays UK – a Great Trip for Everyone

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Family holidays UK – a Great Trip for Everyone

Every year, British families spend their well deserved holiday in the comfort of their own country amongst their loved ones. With a variety of affordable holiday locations to choose from, it comes as no surprise as the vast and diverse areas of the United Kingdom attract thousands of tourists from abroad throughout the year. Find holiday cottages for your family holidays UK as for those Brits staying inland this year, enjoy the comfort of the local cuisine whilst being in the comfort of your own country; without having to pack your teabags in your suitcase!

Family travel is the best way to travel

There are numerous holiday hotspots throughout the UK. For those in favour of the beach and coastal holidays, the resorts of Blackpool, Cornwall and Scarborough are great locations with a wide selection of accommodation available. These locations are perfect as they are suitable for recreational activities and entertainment for all ages. Cosy, homely cottages  are perfect for those travelling with young children and babies for your UK family holidays. The self catering holiday rentals available offer you the chance to cook and come and go as you please, offering you comfort and relaxation, which you need on your holiday. One of the other advantages of staying in the peaceful seaside resorts is that you are likely to meet fellow neighbours staying in holiday cottages and apartments nearby. Your kids will then have lots of playmates during a family holiday in the UK .

If you are a fan of city breaks and checking out the sights, then city breaks in the UK will not disappoint you. The Scottish capital of Edinburgh is popular amongst Brits and tourists coming from outside of the UK, as are the Northern English cities of Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool. London is however one of the most popular tourist hotspots in the world and has lots to keep the whole family entertained with museums, fantastic sights and plenty of affordable modern, contemporary apartments to stay in for your family holiday in the UK.

Would you like to spend your holiday in the British countryside? Whether you want to go hiking in the mountains or cycle around picturesque reservoirs, the British countryside is known for being exquisite. This has also resulted in a few changes in types of holidays in the past few years. For those in favour of ski holidays, the UK has plenty of ski slopes with suitable, family-friendly accommodation to stay in. There are ski-slopes in the Lake District, in Durham and Wales where you can ski, snowboard or sledge to your hearts delight! With family-friendly accommodation to suit all budgets, large groups and pets, you will feel completely at ease and relaxed when staying in UK holiday cottages.


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