Family-friendly holiday homes in the Netherlands Antilles

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Family-friendly holiday homes in the Netherlands Antilles

Are you looking for a new holiday destination outside of Europe with a relaxing atmosphere? Then book your family holiday home in the Dutch Caribbean islands. A new culture, history, sun-kissed beaches and more awaits you!

CASAMUNDO offer a variety of cosy apartments in both the ABC and SSS islands for the perfect family adventure of a life time! With a wide range of tropical destinations, choosing the perfect holiday destination can be overwhelming. Each island offers beautiful scenery and unique experiences that no other can match. The unique atmosphere will guarantee your family a memorable holiday filled with sunshine and family fun!

Family-friendly holiday homes in the tropical islands of the Caribbean – ABC and BES islands.

The sister islands Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao guarantees sunshine 365 days a year (together the three make up the ABC islands)

If you are in search of sandy white beaches, turquoise sea, crystal clear warm waters and magnificent sunsets, then Aruba is the perfect holiday destination for you and your family! This beautiful island is not just a holiday resort to spend your day relaxing on the beach, but rather offers plenty of fun and action making this family holiday a memorable experience! The best family-friendly beaches on this exotic island are: Palm Beach (the perfect beach if you are travelling with baby or toddler) and Eagle Beach (rated one of the best beaches in the world). Our holiday villas are within proximity of the stunning beaches. On top of that, Aruba provides many opportunities for water sports and waterparks - a great way to cool down in the summer. End your adventurous day with a big family meal! There are many cafes and restaurants nearby with so many cuisines to choose from. Seize this opportunity and try local Aruban food! Most of CASAMUNDO accommodations are located in the following cities: Noord, Sint Nicolaas (the second largest city in Aruba), Savaneta, Paradera and Palm Beach. However, there are other hidden cities in Aruba that are also waiting to be discovered. Secure your ideal family holiday villa in Aruba and enjoy the unique atmosphere, cuisines and scenery. Baby Beach is another family-friendly beach which is situated on the southern tip of this island. The water here is less than five feet deep, making it safe for children. Oranjestad is the capital city of Aruba. Its charming atmosphere and colourful building and architecture should definitely be explored! CASAMUNDO also offer Accommodations by the sea.

Explore Bonaire the sister island of Aruba. In addition to its beautiful beaches it is a secret holiday resort for divers. Diving and snorkeling for everyone - who can resist this site? This island is the best holiday starting point for a family dive trip! The capital city is Kralendijk. Book your family home in the capital and discover this beautiful island. Take a tour around Fort Oranje and learn about the interesting history or wander around freely whilst admiring some of the Dutch Caribbean architecture.

Curaçao is the perfect family-friendly holiday destination if you are looking to discover the culture and history of a refreshing country. The capital city Willemstad has an amazing historical harbour. Visitors also get an opportunity to meet dolphins in either lagoons or open seas – take a trip to the Curaçao dolphin academy. This is definitely something both parents and kids would enjoy! Discover the beautiful capital and stroll through Fort Amsterdam. Take a family trip to the Kura Hulanda Museum and view the life-size reconstruction of a slave ship that once sailed from the Ivory Coast or visit the famous floating market in downtown Willemstad. At Westpunt the whole family can enjoy watching the locals jump from the cliffs into the sea. If this sounds like the family holiday you are after, secure your family-friendly holiday home in Curaçao.

The special municipality Sint Eustatius is one the smallest islands, yet highly treasured with endless hidden gems and a remarkable rich past. This is your ideal holiday destination if you are looking for a quiet and laid-back atmosphere. The most famous attraction of this island is The Quill (this inactive volcano is the highest peak in Sint Eustatius). Furthermore, Sint Eustatius is the perfect tourist resort to hike or enjoy bird viewing -an excellent holiday destination for the nature lovers! Oranjestad is the capital and largest city of this municipality. Moreover, it is a popular attraction for its historic charm. Find your family-friendly holiday villa in Sint Eustatius and discover the hidden gems of this treasured island.

Saba is another special municipality and the smallest island in the Kingdom of Netherlands. This is an amazing holiday destination for families who are looking for a tropical getaway with no beaches. Instead of beaches, there are rocky shores and landscapes because the land is the peak of an underwater mountain. This beautiful holiday destination offers enough rocky coastlines which offer great chances to go snorkelling and scuba diving! The best spots are Cove Bay, Spring Bay and Well’s Bay. If your whole aim of this holiday is to relax with family, then secure your perfect rental home in Saba the beautiful beach-less island!


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