Enjoy some family fun with a Swiss holiday rental

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Enjoy some family fun with a Swiss holiday rental

As free as the ocean in Switzerland

Switzerland is the perfect place for families, there are endless fun things to do that everyone will enjoy and the only arguments will be about what to do first. A great place for families to visit in Switzerland is the Swiss National Park which is very close to our family holiday homes in Zernez near Zuoz, Graubünden. This an amazing place where families can go hiking over a choice of 80km of marked trails covered in beautiful woodland with stunning ice blue lakes dotted in-between reflecting the rocky landscape like a magic mirror.

While walking through the enchanted lands you can also spot some of Switzerland’s most treasured species, in their visitor centre they have also got a very interactive discovery trail for children so that they can learn about the park and get excited to wander through it.

Another wonderful nature orientated experience that you can have with the whole family is going to the Aquatics in Lausanne which is also close to your Swiss family holiday apartments by Morges in Lake Geneva. It is the largest freshwater aquarium in Switzerland and takes you on a tour to see some of the oceans most exotic and magical creatures from salamanders to piranhas to Komodo dragons. While going through the deep blue seas it imparts an important message about the endangerment of many of the species there.

Leave room for magic in Switzerland

A magical place to visit in Switzerland is Chillon Castle in Montreux which is right by your holiday family accommodation in a lovely little area. The castle sits on its very own lakeside perch and looks out over the glistening waters. It is one of Switzerland’s most visited historic sites and transforms into a wonderland in the winter months that is a true site for children.

Somewhere else that is very enchanted and even a little spooky that is perfect to visit with the whole family is The Hell Caves in Baar near Zug in Central Switzerland. You are taken through the caves by Tüfeli the very cheeky and mischievous spirit of the caves and as you take every twist and turn you’ll learn about its fascinating history while the lighting highlights every wonderful nook and cranny of the caves, so you don’t miss a single thing. There is nothing better after long days of exploring than being able to return to your very own cosy Swiss holiday rental to relax and recuperate for the next day’s adventures.                          


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