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Book a family friendly holiday to Split & Central Dalmatia

Family friendly Split & Central Dalmatia

Split and Central Dalmatia is a great region to take your family on a family holiday – and through Casamundo you can find your ideal family holiday accommodation. There are plenty of child friendly restaurants here as well as museums and sights to keep your little ones busy.

Activities for the whole family in Split and Central Dalmatia

At the Diocletian’s Palace there is the maze and also the stunning beaches of the Makarska Riviera. This is perfect for kids to spend an afternoon looking at and testing their orientation skills in the maze. Then being able to enjoy the great beach there is a must! Vis island, is the most remote island, so your kids can be as loud of they like and feel like they have really gone on an adventure! There are hidden beach paradises and heaven for fish foodies with some first class restaurants.

Split region is one of the most popular tourist places in Croatia with well-developed infrastructure and connections, tons of sightseeing spots, and hundreds of years of tradition.

Other great places to visit in Croatia with your family are Northern Dalmatia and Istria


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