Family Holidays in Norway

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Family Holidays in Norway

A family holiday to Norway couldn’t be much more appropriate. The Norwegians love to welcome children and their holiday experience is just as important as the parents. Family holidays in Norway provide the best opportunity to experience the unique spectacle of the Northern Lights, midnight sun and magical Atlantic fjords that children will really enjoy. There are also many child friendly attractions to enjoy in Norway such as reindeers and Father Christmas. Norway is well known for its relaxed atmosphere and culture, so it is perfect as a family destination. You can experience the magic of the Scandinavian coastline.

A Family Holiday surrounded by nature

When you go on a family holiday to Norway you will be able to experience some of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, experiences which are invaluable to show children. In total, there are nine World Heritage sites in Norway including the Rjukanfossen Waterfall, the Geirangerfjord and Bergen’s Bryggen Wharf. There are 44 national parks with the most lying in the south west and west Norway Fjord region. It is said that the Norway’s Western Fjords were the inspiration for Disney’s Frozen! If your family are interested in the Northern lights then Tromsø is the place to go. It is Norway’s most northern city and one of the best places in the world for kids to see Northern Lights from November to March.

Things to do on your family holiday to Norway

There are also plenty of activities to engage in in Norway once you have taken in all of the surrounding scenery. For example, the Vitenfabrikken (science museum). This multi-store building is wide open for children to explore, experience and interact with fun and educational installations. There is also the Setesdalsbanen railway museum if you have a train fanatic in your family or the Ålesund Aquarium for any animal lovers. Most resorts offer fun ski schools for both children and adults with suitable slopes and kid-friendly staff.
The Norway countryside is as diverse as it comes, so plenty of opportunity to find something that the whole family enjoy. The Boreal Forest is a really fun place to explore on your Norwegian holiday.


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