Family-friendly holiday homes in Morocco

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Family-friendly holiday homes in Morocco

Ahlan wa Sahlan - a family holiday to magical Morocco!

Find your perfect family-friendly holiday rental home in Morocco and begin your African adventure! Immerse yourself into the Moroccan world and culture, ride camels into the enchanting Saharan desert and experience the majestic scenery. This exotic destination is ranked one of the top ten cheapest African countries. Discover the hidden gems of this North African paradise!

Family holiday homes in Morocco's beautiful cities

One of the most popular family destinations is Marrakesh also known as “the Red/Rose City”. It is the fifth largest city of this mysterious African country offering many leisure activities. Start your adventure by getting to know this amazing destination and its people. Explore Medina, the historical city and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you will discover a labyrinth of alleys and markets selling everything from luxury to traditional items and, of course, traditional Moroccan mint tea. Take this time to relax, lose yourself in this beautiful city and forget about the contemporary world.  Jemaa el-Fna (the main square in Marrakesh) is located in old Medina, also known to locals as the “heart of the city". The square is filled with thousands of stalls which will truly captivate you! The artistic mix of colour, essence and scenery is one of liveliest attractions in Marrakesh and will leave you mesmerised! During the day, there are endless stalls - a perfect time to buy souvenirs. Enjoy the traditional music, attend performances of jugglers, snake performances and much more! The souks of Marrakesh are also within close proximity of the main square. Furthermore, this exotic holiday resort offers endless sightseeing opportunities and excursions. If this city arouses your interest, be sure to book your luxurious family apartment and start your adventure. Most restaurants are within close proximity of CASAMUNDO family rental accommodations. Tradition oblidge: explore the wide range of Moroccan dishes - grab street food from souks or share traditional meals in local restaurants. The Sahara desert is just a short journey from the city centre. A visit to Marrakesh isn't complete without exploring the dunes.

Essaouira is the perfect holiday destination if you are looking to escape the heat and crowded cities. This peaceful city is situated on the Atlantic coast and offers family-friendly activities. Besides beaches, this laid-back city highlights an astonishing scenery of streets filled with red and blue painted houses. If you fancy something a bit more active Essaouira offers kitesurfing! -it also known as Morocco’s wind capital. Explore this magical city on foot, by bike or take a cruise on the mystical water. Head to the beach, rent a beach chair and just enjoy the warm atmopshere. What’s more, join local cooking classes – this leaves you with a unique souvenir and a perfect opportunity to meet other travellers. Escape your busy lifestyle, find your perfect family villa in Morocco and create new memories!
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CASAMUNDO also offers rental homes in other Moroccan cities, do check them out. Then you may also find your ideal holiday resort in another stunning city. Book your perfect holiday and dive into the beauty of Morocco! Each city has its own hidden gems. If you are looking to take a dip in the pool to cool off browse through our holiday rentals with pools. The choice is yours - which city would you like the discover?


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