Secure your perfect family home in Montenegro

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Secure your perfect family home in Montenegro

The tiny Balkan state of Montenegro is situated on the Adriatic coast. Offering a mix of outdoor adventures, drop-dead gorgeous beaches and fascinating scenery, this is the ideal holiday destination for lazy beach and active holidays. We offer a wide range of cosy apartments in the following locations: Bay of Kotor, Central Region, Littoral and the Northern Region. Find your perfect family-friendly holiday accommodation, feel at home and  forget about your daily worries and stress!

Explore Montenegro’s different regions

Bay of Kotor is more than 20km in distance and situated on the south-western Adriatic Coast of Montenegro. This is the ideal holiday resort for cultural tourist’s and outdoor adventurers. Surrounded by small villages, towers and mountains it is home to Kotor one of the oldest and delightful coastal town. Having been rated as one of Montenegro’s best tourist destination it has also been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. The grandiloquent atmosphere will leave you amazed! With a wide range of cosy family-friendly accommodations to choose from in Bay of Kotor, you are bound to find your perfect holiday home. This region offers plenty of opportunities for fun and adventurous family excursions. Offering a combination of art and nature, this scenic bay is easy to explore. Wedged between mountains, this Montenegrin town has a lot to offer. Find your cosy holiday home and wander through the old town, admire the stunning architecture or discover the lesser-known of the Bay of Kotor. The adventurers should not miss the the famous ladder of Kotor. This historical trail proffers one of the best views of the area! Whilst staying in this region you should definitely visit the two islands of Perast: Gospa od Skrpjela (Our Lady of the Rocks) and the Island Sveti Djordje (Island of the Dead Captains) its natural beauty are truly captivating! Explore the Old Town! You will find endless boutique shops and a unique atmosphere which definitely can’t be replicated. Each town has its own charming atmosphere and waiting to be discovered, find your ideal family villa Montenegro’s hidden treasure chest and create long-lasting memories. The Bay provides a wide range of water activities for cooling-down. End your evenings with unbelievable meals in Bay of Kotor’s many restaurants. Holiday-makers who are wanting to enjoy the natural beauty and action will not be disappointed in the Bay of Kotor! Climb Mount Lovcen and take a walk down the famous 5 Danica esplanade and learn about its history.

In Central Montenegro, you will find intact nature and cultural resources such as cultural and historical monuments, museums and theatres. Consisting of four municipalities, it is the most touristic region in Montenegro. The central region is the perfect holiday destination for everyone - offering all types of tourist attractions. Podgorica is the capital and biggest city of this sovereign state. Additionally, the commercial hub and cultural centre hosting numerous cultural events. Explore Cetinje the old royal capital of Montenegro, located at the base of the base of Mountain Lovcen also described as a “town museum”. If you are looking for a laid-back family holiday, this is your perfect holiday destination - the vibe here is incredible! With bird watching, cultural monuments and much more on offer, this holiday will surely be an unforgettable experience. CASAMUNDO also offer family rental homes in Nikšić the second largest city in Montenegro and economically important. Danilovgrad, a beautiful town surrounded by mountains and marble rocks is also a famous holiday destination for winter tourism.

No matter what season it is, Northern Montenegro is always a very appealing holiday resort both in the summer and winter season. Surrounded by snow-covered mountains almost yearly, crystal-clear rivers and lakes, beautiful caves and canyons, Montenegro’s northern region offers plenty outdoor activities with different courses from easy to challenging catering both for parents and children. We provide numerous relaxing home bases in this location. Find your family-friendly apartment and begin your adventurous family holiday in Montenegro. Enjoy a relaxing experience in the outdoors of the natures nourishing surroundings. Popular attractions include the Black Lake in the National Park Durmintor, and largest of 18 glacial lakes provides a pleasant walk from Žabljak. Visit the stunning Tara Bridge which is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. At Prokletije’s Accursed Mountain you can enjoy a family hike.

Discover the natural beauties of Littoral, another attractive region of Montenegro. This coastline is 239 km long, in the summer this beautiful coastal region is the central tourist area offering entertainment, musicals, cultural events and more! Here you can vist the Ekom-Nkam Waterfalls for the most spectacular views. Go on a family bicycle tour and explore the hidden gems of this beatiful region. Admire a spectacular sunrise or sunset at the beautiful beach.


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