Enjoy a Great Getaway - Menorca Family Holidays

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Enjoy a Great Getaway - Menorca Family Holidays

The beautiful island of Menorca can be found in the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the Balearic Islands. For those seeking sun, sand and sea for their family holidays, this picture-perfect island is the ideal location for you to spend days in the sunshine surrounded by your loved ones. If you have previously only visited mainland Spain in such sunny locations as Costa Verde and the Costa Del Azahar, book your holiday rental on this wonderful island today!

Family Holidays Menorca – Relax During Your Getaway

Menorca family holidays are perfect to bring you and your family together! The natural landscape on the island is what makes it worth your while spending your holiday here. If you enjoy long walks and hiking, why not head to Monte Toro, a towering green mountain on this hot Mediterranean island! Enjoy the wonderful sunset from up here and catch a wonderful glimpse of the entire island up here. If this doesn't excite you, why not hit one of the many beaches on the island and enjoy the hot weather. If it gets too hot, why not go swimming in the waters! Watersports are also extremely popular on the island which makes it perfect if you fancy trying your hand at jet-skiing! The lovely Mediterranean Sea awaits you here, or if you’re not the biggest fan of seawater, why not check out the holiday villas available on the island that have their own private pool in locations such as Son Bou and Binibeca!

There is never a dull moment on the island! For those keen golfers on holiday in Menorca, there are plenty of courses to be found for the adults to indulge in a bit of fun in the sun! For the kids and the adults as well, horseback riding is a great way to spend cruising through the countryside and endless stretches of beaches to discover every corner of the island! After a day of exploration, retire to the comfort of your holiday home during your family holidays in Menorca. Sit out on the terrace and enjoy being in this Mediterranean paradise surrounded by your loved ones.


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