Family-friendly holiday homes in Malta

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Family-friendly holiday homes in Malta

Take a family trip Malta one of Europe’s most family-friendly destinations! Located in the Mediterranean Sea, the island nation consists of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Camino. The official languages of this beautiful travel destination are English and Maltese.

With sunshine throughout the year, Malta is the excellent holiday resort for attractions, culture and sea. The island is packed with all kinds of activities ranging from water activities and sunny beaches to sightseeing and sampling Mediterranean cuisines! Book your ideal family accommodation and begin your family adventure.

A beautiful exotic holiday destination - full of history, culture and vibrant atmosphere!

Malta’s astonishing coastline consists of bays and harbours, spectacular beaches, villages, valleys and much more! Besides being famous for its enchanting Mediterranean landscape, diving spots and historical sites has island Malta a lot to offer. You will surely find your luxury family apartment with CASAMUNDO, we also offer rentals with pools.

The capital city Valletta is one of the smallest cities in Europe. However, very famous for its extravagant architecture and filled with many attraction sites. If you are a family full of architecture enthusiast, Valletta is optimal holiday destination! The Upper Barrakka Gardens offers breath-taking view of the Grand Harbour and the Three Cities (Malta’s oldest forts). The Three Cities: Birgu, Senglea and Cospicua are significantly important to Malta and can also be visited by a ferry trip. This is an excellent opportunity to go on a fun-filled adventure excursion! Either join the guided tours or wander around and lose yourself in the stunning architecture. Here you will learn about Valletta’s history, discover the hidden gems of this beautiful holiday destination. St Barbara’s Bastion is the perfect location to watch the sun-rise over Grand Harbour. The charming Valletta Waterfront is a star attraction in Malta popular. Visit this historical city, explore the lesser-known and enjoy its lovely sites. Other popular sites include: the 5,000-year Hagar Qim (one of Malta’s oldest structures in the word), the Great Wall of Malta (a peaceful hiking trail), St John’s Co Cathedral (a jewel of art and architecture). Lastly, Malta as small as it is, has some amazingly large numbers of museums and cultural attractions. If you are in search of a fun-filled holiday destination but wish to explore years of history yet live in the present, then Malta is your ideal holiday destination!  Explore Valetta, a UNESCO World Heritage site or secure your luxurious homes in Malta’s other beautiful cities. What’s more, Valletta is rated Europe’s sunniest city and has been awarded the notable title of European Capital of Culture 2018.

Gozo, the sister island of Malta is the second-largest island of the Maltese archipelago. This is your ideal holiday resort if you are in search of a peaceful family holiday filled with beautiful beaches and landscape view. Not only is this short-haul destination very popular with families, but just about thirty minutes away from Malta. This beautiful island offers a range of outdoor activities from diving, snorkelling to abseiling, hiking and much more. The capital city Victoria is home to the Cittadella (the citadel has been occupied since prehistory). Other popular tourist attractions on this island include the Megalithic temples of Ggantija and the Calypso cave.
Island Gozo is a real find in Malta. This holiday destination is more reserved than island Malta, less urbanised but rather offers a more relaxing experience. Gozo is surrounded by endless number of cathedrals, churches and shrines. The most popular tourist’s attractions are: The onyx covered Żebbuġ church and The Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Ta’ Pinu. Secure your holiday home today; you and your family will have an amazing holiday! Dwejra also known as Azure window is another popular tourist destination. The inland sea is a small location on the west coast of Malta’s sister island – this beautiful resort should definitely be visited! The small bay is surrounded by high cliffs but overs a stunningly rich and unique view. The small beach rarely gets busy and therefore is the excellent spot for a peaceful family getaway! Don't hesitate to book your family apartment in Malta, the amazing family-friendly holiday destination. Discover the historical treasures and enjoy the astonishing scenery. Visit either islands and create long-lasting memories.


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