Family holiday to Luxembourg

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Family holiday to Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is an attractive landlocked country in Western Europe. Bordering with France, Germany and Belgium it is one of the smallest countries in the world. Offering an appealing lifestyle, Luxembourg ranks as the world’s second richest country and is a superb holiday destination for all types of tourists.
Besides been famous for its historical monuments, traditional and cultural heritage is this modern country the only Grand Duchy in the world. Whatever the season, Luxembourg has something for everyone. Find your perfect holiday home and begin your fun-filled family adventure. For connoisseurs of food – discover Luxembourg’s best cultural restaurants! You will find that Luxembourg has greatly been influenced by its immigrants and neighbouring countries.

Explore this beautiful holiday destination

The small country with ancient history and international scene is surrounded by endless fairy-tale castles. With more than 50 castles and scenic villages, Luxembourg is the perfect holiday destination for an active family holiday offering a lot of possibilities for adventurous and nature-loving children! Secure your rental home and delve into this mysterious holiday resort. The Grand Ducal Palace is one of the top tourist destinations in Luxembourg City located in southern Luxembourg. Today, the Grand Duke resides in this attractive monument. The palace can be can be visited during summer (from mid- July until the end of August) on guided tours. An amazing place to wander around is the old historic town of Luxembourg. Enjoy the breath-taking view of the old city with its historic setting. If you are looking for a laid-back holiday destination then Luxembourg City is the perfect spot for you. For an extra dose of fun, don’t miss the Summer in the City Festival. It takes place from the end of June until the beginning of September. For that period you can enjoy free concerts, summer festivities, exhibitions and sport events throughout the city. The Valley of the Seven Castles is a must see! You can cross the valley by car or visit the 37 km long hiking trail and explore the lesser-known. Visit one of the many outdoor playground, adventure and theme parks in Luxembourg - then exploring is always a high priority for children! Not only does this excite the younger ones but is also the relaxation zone for parents. Don't miss visiting Luxembourg’s Casemates. The Bock Casemates a UNESCO World Heritage Site and very popular with tourists in Luxembourg City. With amazing views through the loopholes, rich history, subterranean tunnels and much more to offer, kids of all ages will love it! However, the Pétrusse Casemates are temporarily closed.

Nature and landscape - a calm and peaceful atmosphere

The beautiful little town of Echternach less than an hour away from Luxembourg City. Also known as Little Switzerland, it is the nation’s oldest city. Offering a wealth of historical sights, cultural events and concerts; it is said to be the most beautiful town square in Luxembourg. This stunning city is surrounded by medieval designs. Furthermore, the historical centre and capital of the Mullerthal Region. If you are in search of an unforgettable family nature holiday, find your perfect holiday rental home in Echternach – also the perfect place for hikers! The Mullerthal Trail offers an awesome high-hiking-trail and stunning rock formations.

CASAMUNDO offer a variety of cosy family accommodations in Luxembourg. No matter what region or city you wish to explore, a fun-filled family holiday is guaranteed! Book your ideal family-friendly holiday home in Luxembourg and discover this beautiful country. A great culture and nature await you with open arms!


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