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Ciao! Welcome to your family holiday in Italy

Book Holiday Accommodation In Italy For The Whole Family

Plan your next trip with your loved ones to the wonderful country of Italy as it offers a large variety of cities, towns and villages. Extraordinary culture, hot weather, great food and affordable holidays are many of the reasons you will want to keep coming back every year to the holiday accommodation in Italy. From modern and contemporary apartments to luxury holiday villas with swimming pools, there are plenty of properties available to suit every budget. Self catering accommodation gives you the freedom to do what you want during your stay and to enjoy the time surrounded by your loved ones.

Family holiday Italy – from city breaks, to remote exquisite townsfamily holiday in Italy - baby on the beach

Italy offers a diverse selections of cities for those who enjoy family city breaks. In Italy, a holiday with children in the city of Naples provides recreation and fun for the whole family. From swimming in the warm waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, to sampling the finest Italian pizza in the world, the city of Naples guarantees you quality time with your children. The historical and cultural capital of Rome is well worth a visit for those who enjoy sightseeing on their getaways. After a day of visiting the Colosseum, St. Peters Basilica and the Panthelon Rome, enjoy this cultural metropolitan city in one of the local cafés overlooking the fine architecture here. The city of Venice offers both an island adventure and great city break as it is a city complied of 118 islands. Rent a pedal boat or canoe and cruise along the beautiful waters here.

For those who prefer more peace and relaxation in a tranquil but scenic setting while on holiday, why not spend your Italy family holidays in the suburbs of the town of Cogne, found in the region of Aosta Valley. The scenery here is amazing and is great for those who enjoy ski holidays; there are more than 140 icefalls alone here in Cogne! With over 40 miles of cross country skiing slopes available in this town, you can ski until your heart's content. After a long day of hitting the slopes, why not reside in your ski lodge or play outside in the snow with your children. If you prefer beach holidays, then make sure you visit the Italian town of Piombino in the Tuscany region. With endless stretches of beaches, take a picnic and Frisbee down to the beach for ultimate family fun. Stay for the breathtaking sunset and spend the evening in the comfort of your holiday rental. Family holidays Italy – relaxing, therapeutic and enjoyable.

family holiday in Italy - father and child


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