Family holiday rental homes in Hungary

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Family holiday rental homes in Hungary

Hungary is a great holiday destination if you are looking for a laid-back resort. A wonderful opportunity to explore new cultures and enjoy beautiful scenery whilst still staying here in Europe. Moreover, this country is also rated one of Europe’s most affordable holiday resorts. Hungary offers more than 1,000 natural hot springs, beautiful scenery, castles and cathedrals and more attraction sites.

CASAMUNDO offer the perfect accommodation for everyone. Browse through our family-friendly rentals in Hungary, then you are guaranteed to find a cosy home that sparks your interest! Whether you are looking for an accommodation with boat a included or other types of rentals, we offer a great selection of affordable homes. Create memorable experiences whilst enjoying your fun-filled family holiday!

Discover your house in Budapest and the hidden treasure chests

The capital city Budapest is very popular among families with children due to its wide range of family-friendly resorts. As luck would have it, the children receive discounts on public transport, museums and attractions sites. Explore this beautiful city, behind every corner there is something new to discover. The Big Bus Tour is a wonderful introduction to Budapest. It visits touristic attraction sites such as: The Parliament Building, Heroes Square, Chain Bridge and much more! Secure your ideal holiday apartment in Hungary’s capital city, hop on and off the bus and discover the hidden gems of Budapest.

The Danube Bend is another popular tourist resort along the Danube River in Northern Hungary. Offering family-friendly boat cruises through the beautiful river. It does get packed so try and get there as early as possible for the best seats. The Danube River is surrounded by striking landscape and stunning cities like: Viesegrad a small castle town, Esztergom the picturesque town with historical attractions and cathedrals. Visit the small town of Szentendre; it is famous for its art, museums and galleries. Most sites are located in the main square - lose yourself and enjoy the great medieval atmosphere.

Visit the Miniversum Budapest. Here you can view some exquisite detailed designs of many sights and landmarks from Hungary, Austria and Germany. This is definitely a jaw-dropping experience for both younger and older kids. Want to enjoy a family picnic? Why don’t you visit Erzsébet Square (Elizabeth Square) a perfect setting for the whole family to enjoy a great relaxing time. The park offers water fountains, a giant ferris wheel and a playground. For this reason, it is a popular holiday destination for all age groups. Another popular family-friendly park is the City Park (Városliget). Located nearby are: the Budapest zoo, amusement park, the Municipal Circus and the Széchenyi Thermal Bath. City Park offers a variety of activities which will keep the kids occupied ranging from giant trampolines to playgrounds with slides and wooden castles. After that take a trip to Aquaworld Budapest - the waterpark lovers will truly enjoy this!

The Széchenyi Thermal Bath Budapest’s biggest green park and one of the largest bath complexes in Europe – fun and action for the whole family are guaranteed!
Find your own space to relax, there are plenty saunas, enjoy the bubble jets and much more! It is also worth mentioning that Széchenyi Bath is also a ‘sparty’ resort holding parties almost every Saturday in the summer.

Nature activities for the outdoor enthusiasts

The mountain range is located in Northern Hungary and is home to the highest mountain Kékes (which stands 1,014m tall), hiking trails, lakes and waterfalls. CASAMUNDO offers a variety of family rental apartments for the nature lovers and rest-seekers.  We offer a variety of different accommodations in more than 10 cities in the northern region. Each Hungarian city has its own ambience and unique beauty. If you are looking for versatile culture, entertainment and of course natural scenery then Miskolc is the perfect holiday location. So, if this is the kind of holiday you are after, book your family-friendly holiday with us and enjoy a pleasant stay in Hungary.


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