Family Holidays in Germany

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Family Holidays in Germany

Travelling to Germany for a family holiday is something which every family should experience. Whether you want to enjoy the beautiful countryside, ride on roller coasters or into discover fairy-tale landscapes of Brothers Grimm, Germany is an ideal location for a fun and diverse family holiday. The country is becoming an increasingly popular destination for travellers because of its friendly atmosphere and great tourist attractions. Germany is only an hour from the UK, so you won't have to have the stress of a long flight with the kids! Booking  aholiday home in Germany with your family will offer you the chance to experience a different European lifestyle and there is plenty of German accommodation to choose from when you travel to Germany.

Cities in Germany also have much to keep the whole family amused, with interactive museums, playgrounds, puppet shows, outdoor pools and zoos in most German cities. As long as they're not running wild, children are generally welcome in German restaurants. Whether you're visitng the North, South, East or West - Germany is rich in history, culture and archutecture which the whole family can enjoy.

Cycling is very popular in Germany safe routes running along lakes and coastlines, through forests and up into the hills. All ski resorts have ski schools with English-speaking instructors who will teach your children the art of the snow plough in group or private lessons. Families with kids under 10 may find smaller resorts in the Bavarian Forest or Black Forest easier to navigate and better value than bigger Alpine resorts like Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It is also very safe and one of the best places to cycle in Germany as most cities have designated cycling lanes for you and your family - so you won't have to cycle on the road when visiting a city.
Germany is full of child-friendly museums that play to young imaginations or impart knowledge in interactive and engaging ways. Open-air museums like the Schwarzwälder Freilichtmuseum in the Black Forest or the Freilandmuseum Lehde in the Spreewald are fun places to learn about traditional culture. Cologne has the Chocolate Museum, Nuremberg the Toy Museum and Munich the German Museum.

Which Region?

If you choose the Stuttgart & the Black Forest region, then you will come across the Fairy-tale forest trails, farm stays and outdoor activities. You can experience Lake Constance through kayaking, swimming and cycling! In Bavaria you will experience its Christmas-card mountain scenery and castles. In Central Germany you can hike in the Harz Mountains and the Thuringian Forest. In Hamburg & the North why not visit Lübeck's puppet theatre, the many beaches and candy-striped lighthouses on the Baltic and North Sea coasts.


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