Devon Family Holidays in the British Countryside

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Devon Family Holidays in the British Countryside

Enjoy a break in England surrounded by your loved ones in the beautiful county of Devon. Family holidays in Devon are suitable for those who want to escape to a beautiful yet scenic destination on the South West coast. With its mild temperatures all year round, a trip here is great for those who enjoy beach holidays as well as exploration on their getaways! With a wide range of cities, towns and villages to visit, stay in cosy, homely holiday cottages or luxury apartments during your break here.

Experience the hospitality of the South!

Family holidays Devon – head to the city of Exeter in the county of Devon. With great sightseeing to do, as well as being right on the coast, it is a popular holiday destination for many families. For those who enjoy beach holidays, the city of Plymouth. If you come during the summer, make sure you hit the Wemburg Beach and spend the day with your family on the beach, soaking up the warm temperatures! For those more adventurous during their Devon family holidays, why not check out watersports are available here. Surfing and windsurfing are popular amongst residents and tourists alike here and it is a great feeling cruising across the Celtic Sea! During the evenings, why not head to one of the many restaurants offering traditional British cuisine. Fish and chips or a traditional Sunday roast are popular amongst tourists and residents alike and you will not be disappointed with the food here! For those with a sweet tooth, sample a British cup of tea with a crumpet or homemade biscuits; many are hooked on the first taste!

The optimum of British countryside is Devon, but the neighbouring county of Somerset has some lovely locations all easy to get to. Book a homely holiday cottage in Moretonhampstead, found right in the heart of the Dartmoor National Park. This scenic location is great for those who enjoy discovering the countryside with long walks and by hiking through the forests! A great adventure for all the family in the great countryside air – you will feel completely at ease and in your own paradise surrounded by your family here in the United Kingdom. Exmoor National Park is another great location to visit in Devon so why not book holiday rentals for a great holiday and exploration in the UK. Family holiday Devon – book yours today and rent accommodation with CASAMUNDO.


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