Danish holiday homes great for the whole family

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Danish holiday homes great for the whole family

Let the sea set you free

Denmark is the ideal family holiday place as its safe, relaxed and the next great adventure is always waiting around the corner from the gorgeous beaches to Legoland to wonderful interactive museums perfect for children to play in and explore.

A natural wonder that you must see because it is so rare is the colliding seas at Grenen, here the Skagerrak and Kattegat seas meet. It is an amazing day trip out for everyone and you can walk through where the two seas meet in the shallow ends. When going further to the West of Jutland there are many windswept beaches, heathlands, bays, inlets and much more. Its perfect for long walks with stunning scenery, hunting for amber, digging up oysters, swimming and much more. There are endless fun possibilities for the whole family along the West Coast of Jutland. The best part too is that the beach will never be more than 50km away from your family holiday home, you can choose to either be right by the beach or further away, but you will most likely still have stunning views of the scenery around you.

The pitter patter of rain and children

Even on rainy days there are plenty of fun things you can still do in Denmark with your family. There is an amazing aquarium called Den Bla Planet in Copenhagen that gives the effect as if you were really under water in the deep blue seas surrounded by all the sea creatures. It even has an Amazonas area where there are beautiful butterflies and magnificent birds fluttering around. There is also a big waterfall that crashes down in the aquarium with 3,000 piranhas and anacondas’ swimming in it below.

A rainy day is also the perfect opportunity to go out and try the best places to eat something special where you´ll never want to leave. The Royal Smushi Café combines Danish food with Danish design, when entering there are towering chandeliers above you and you are treated like royalty. Your lunch is served on Royal Copenhagen porcelain and their signature dish is authentic Danish sandwiches however, it is all served the same size as sushi so that you can try a variety of things which also means everyone can try everything without having any arguments.

Lastly a must visit food place is the Conditori La Glace, it has a been a patisserie since it opened in 1870. Each patisserie is handmade and sculpted to absolute perfect and they look like little delicious pieces of extraordinary art work which you won’t find anywhere else yet everything is still completely child friendly and they’ll love getting a delicious sugar rush. The shop is all mahogany, glass and brass which creates a very authentic and traditional patisserie feel, they are true traditionalists and serve old fashioned tea, coffee and real chocolate in a pot that is always refilled meaning that there won’t be any arguments between you and the kids between what size drink they want to order. They are the only patisserie in Copenhagen that is still this traditional.

A journey through time in Denmark with the kids

A truly magical place that feels like stepping into a whole other world is Den Gamle By, The Old Town in Arhus. They´ve split each quarter into different time periods filled with actors pretending to be from that time and the shops have been recreated to exactly how they were then, and you can buy their products. Apart from wondering around the shops and meeting the residence from the past there are also other activities that you can do including an old horse and carriage ride, racing on stilts, skittles, swing boats and much more. This makes an unforgettable family day out where there will truly be something for everyone. The kids can freely wander around touching the recreated tools and cars from the past and talk to the actors playing villagers and it is only a short journey from your family holiday rental if you decide to stay in Arhus.


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