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Family Holidays in Croatia

Rent a family home in Croatia!

Croatia family holiday

Croatia is a great family destination. It has lots of safe beaches, hiking and cycling routes for all abilities and ages and even interactive museums for afternoons of fun and also learning about the country you’re visiting. There are lots of ancient towns and fortresses to explore with your mini Indiana Jones’! The perfect mix of sun, sea and family activities awaits you when you book family holiday accommodation in Croatia. The advantage of booking a family holiday home or villa is that it is self catered, so you can choose what you and your family want to eat. When choosing somewhere to travel to with your family - Croatia should be at the top of the list - whether it's Istria or Dubrovnik or one of Croatia's beautiful islands.

Kids in Croatia

Croatia is very pedestrianized, so you won’t have to worry about any danger of traffic when you travel around. There are a lot of green spaces and playgrounds. Most seaside towns have a seafront promenade away from the water’s edge. Many of the beaches are extremely shallow: perfect for toddlers but not so great for the teens. The numerous pebbly beaches are much better suited for swimming.
Remember - some of Croatia’s smaller seaside towns can be too quiet for fun-seeking teenagers. Instead you should choose larger coastal destinations where there are buzzing cafés and seasonal funfair rides anf offer the best of both worlds on your holiday.

Eating Croatian delicacies with your children on holiday

You can take the children almost anywhere in Croatia. However, you won’t often find high chairs and restaurants are rarely equipped with nappy-changing facilities.
Locals are quite happy to take their children out for dinner to restaurants, and you'll often see kids running around on the square while the adults are eating, drinking and chatting.


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