Family Holidays in Austria - book apartments and chalets for your fun family outing

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Family Holidays in Austria - book apartments and chalets for your fun family outing

If you want a holiday with the whole family that satisfies your need to hike, ski and sing or enjoy a weekend getaway with your dog then Austria is the perfect place for you to undertake a family holiday. Unlike some Mediterannean destinations, Austria offers a unique and diverse holiday experience for the whole family, with stunning views whatever season you choose to go. So get the whole family to wear their walking boots and explore the beautiful surroundings of Austria when you rent a holiday home.

Explore the mountains with your family when you ski or hike

No matter what the season, Tirol in Austria is an ideal region in Austria to book your next family holiday.  Lake Achensee offers a wide range of attractions and activities for all the family. Its magnificent clear waters and picturesque spot between the Karwendel Mountains and the Brandenberg Alps, Lake Achensee has long been a popular destination. Tirol’s largest lake offers a wide range of family-friendly activities throughout the year. Pack a bag with lunch and a snack and you and your family can spend all day exploring the fantastic surroundings that Austria has to offer, and none are far from any holiday home. Skiing in Austria with your family is also a great activity. The most family friendly ski resorts are SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental, Lofer Alm and Schmittenhöhe – Zell am See. All of these offer opportunities for families to ski safely together and to enjoy their day skiing at their own pace, there are also opportunities for family ski lessons.

Activities galore when you go on a family holiday to Austria

Exploring Austria with your family has endless possibilities. From the world's oldest amusement park to the world's largest ice cave and from salt mines to dinosaur parks, there’s a lot to do! Whichever region in Austria you choose there are plenty of opportunities! If you choose the capital, Vienna, then you have the opportunity to visit the Schönbrunn Palace that offers tours especially designed for children. There is also the ZOOM Children’s Museum where there are plenty of fun and practical exhibitions. If you travel to Styria you will find Styrassic park with 80 life sized dinosaurs! There is also the Stübing open air museum and the Altausee Salt Mine. In Vorarlberg you will find the interxtive Inatura exhibition and the Alpine Coaster Golm, a 2.6km alpine coaster ride! 


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