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Dog-friendly cottages in Yorkshire

Explore Yorkshire right outside the doors of your dog-friendly holiday home

Dog-friendly holidays in Yorkshire provide variation to your holidays like no other. You and your dog will be spoilt for choice here in Yorkshire as from place to place, the people change, the activities change and the terrain changes. Just because your furry companion has come along for the ride, doesn't mean you have to change your plans at all here. Most people come to Yorkshire for the incredible countryside, especially in the Yorkshire dales, so why wouldn't you bring your dog?

If you're looking to take your dogs on beautiful walks, then there is much to choose from. Yorkshire has a mass of flat, open landscapes for your dog to run around like those on the outskirts of York or you could even stay in one of our many beautiful dog-friendly cottages Yorkshire in Ingleton, a hilly region for adventurous walkers which is bound to satisfy you and your pooch. The city of York also provides marvellous historical architecture too marvel at, so why not walk through the winding, cobbled streets of this historical town, famous for its city walls. Leeds countryside also offer many walking opportunities for good, dog-friendly holidays in Yorkshire. Thanks to culture and architecture this traditional county has to offer you won't be disappointed with our cottages in Yorkshire that welcome dogs.

The Yorkshire cost is also provides popular spots for dogs and there owners as the seas are compared to those of Cornwall or Dorset. The long stretches of sand also provide plenty of space for your pet to run around in, dig and swim. Just be sure to find out which beaches allow dogs.


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