Dog-friendly cottages in Wales

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Dog-friendly cottages in Wales

One of the main reasons so many people like to go on dog-friendly holidays in Wales is that it offers a unique holiday experience as well as being part of the UK. Because of this, dog owners can travel freely into Wales from England with their pets and enjoy a stay in one of many Welsh cottages that allow dogs. It also saves the hassle of having to go through all of the security precautions which would be required if you were going abroad, you can also save your pet a lot of stress and worry.

A great area of Wales, especially for coastal getaways is the county of Pembrokeshire, there is not one single beach here where dogs are not welcome. You and your dog will both have much to experience with miles of beautiful coastline, brilliant sandy beaches and many woodland trails. For other dog-friendly holidays in Wales, check out the coastal town at Denbighshire where the atmosphere is truly that of a traditional British seaside resort. Celtic walking trails in Anglesey offer a choice of 125 kilometres of different routes with excellent views of the Snowdonia mountain range, spoil your pet and allow them to experience a countryside like they've never seen before.

The cottages in Wales that welcome dogs make for the ideal accommodation for you and your canine friend. You will find most of the cottages to be charming and traditional, perfect for a long day of seeing the natural beauty Wales has to offer.


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