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Dog Friendly Accommodation in Northern Ireland

Dog Friendly Cottages in Northern Ireland

One of the main reasons dog friendly cottages in Northern Ireland are so ideal is that what most holiday makers coming to Northern Ireland adore is also in the best interest of the dog. Northern Ireland's great natural landmarks, unique landscapes and a vast array of forest and country parks make this just an absolutely brilliant place for walking. Dogs are permitted in Prehen Wood in Londonderry, a large forest park with a large amount of walking trails to choose from, here you will be able to see multiple botanical wonders, as well as some curious fauna. Prehen Wood also has multiple sculptures scattered around from sculptor, Michael Rodgers. Florence Court in Enniskillen is a wonderful idea for great days out with your dog as this large, historical home, formerly belonging to the Earl of Enniskillen, is surrounded by miles of garden and parkland.

Possibly the most popular and breathtaking natural landmark in Northern Ireland is the Giant's causeway, a rock formation said to have been built by giants in old Irish myth, however the formation was in fact formed by a volcanic eruption. This location allows dogs and is not far from our dog friendly accommodation in Northern Ireland in Bushmills. You can also find plenty of dog friendly accommodation in Northern Ireland close to some brilliant beaches along the coast which offer marvellous cliff-face views and impressive dunes. A popular destination, for holidays in dog friendly cottages Northern Ireland which are by the beach, is that of Portstewart strand, a 2 mile long beach which allows dogs.

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