Dog-friendly holiday homes in the Netherlands

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Dog-friendly holiday homes in the Netherlands

Looking for long weekend getaways or a short break with your companion? Then we have the perfect holiday spot for you! The Netherlands, a short-haul destination also easily accessible via train, car and bus. It is rated as one of the Top 10 pet-friendly holiday resorts in Europe. Find the most suitable trip journey for you and your dog and book your holiday home.We also offer special amenities such as swimming pools, internet and washing machines, etc. It is also vital that you familiarise yourself with immigration regulations on bringing pets into the country.
Note: European Union pet owners are now required to have pet passports when travelling with their animals.

CASAMUNDO offers a variety of holiday apartments in different provinces with elegant atmospheres. Secure a dog-friendly home that will make your holiday experience relaxing and worthwhile.

Interested in beach holidays!

Noordwijk, also known as the “flower seaside resort of Europe” in South Holland is located between the two cities: Den Haag and Amsterdam. The 14km-long beach also provides a separate dog beach. Your four-legged friend can run around freely.

The beach in Noordwijk is surrounded by sand dunes, wonderful nature and forest areas. Secure your holiday villa in the midwest region of the Netherlands if this sparks your interest. Surrounded with many free bag dispensers, the dog beach is always kept clean, please don’t forget to clean after your little friend. Most rental homes are in immediate vicinity to the beach. Other municipalties in that region include Rotterdam, Hellevoetsluis and Scheveningen.                                                                                                            Note: At beach-access 2 and 21, dogs are only permitted from 1st September – 31st May. There is an on-leash obligation at beach-access 24 and 27 throughout the year.

Zandvoort aan Zee (Zandvoort), in province North Holland is a popular beach destination located near Amsterdam. It is considered one of the biggest hangout spots in the Netherlands. Besides attracting tourist from all over the world, it is home to the proud racing circuit: Circuit Park Zandvoort. If you are a fan of racing, then the Circuit Park Zandvoort is a must! Other muncipalities include: Haarlem, Alkamaar, Bergen and Bloemendaal.
Note: During the period of 1st September – 15th April dogs are allowed on the beach all day. From the 15th September – 1st October dogs are not allowed on the beach between 09:00 – 19:00, outside of these hours dogs are welcome. What’s more, you can take your dog to the beach past Parnassia in Bloemendal aan Zee between the previous hours stated. Please book now to avoid disappointment.

Nature and exploring the beautiful cities with your dog

Dogs are allowed on all forms of pass overs in Amsterdam. They do however need a ticket for the train journey which costs 3 Euros for a day ticket. The city offers a cultural diversity and an amazing food scene with a variety of cuisines. From Surinamese and Indonesian to North African and Mediterranean dishes – for the foodies!
Vondelpark is the biggest city park in Amsterdam and the most well-known park in the Netherlands. A perfect spot to enjoy the scenery and dog-walking. In the Summer there are free concerts and open-air theatres – a chance to make new friends! There are also a variety of dog-friendly diners. Visiting the Netherlands wouldn’t be complete without doing a bike ride with your best friend. Book your perfect dog-friendly holiday home now and don’t miss any of the exciting events.


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