Dogs travelling to holiday homes in Sweden

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Dogs travelling to holiday homes in Sweden

Dogs on the road to Sweden

Being able to take your dog on holiday to Sweden is great, you don’t have to worry about who will look after them while you´re gone or if they’ll be looked after properly. As well as that it´s much nicer for the dog too, it´s less confusing and they won´t miss you then. Therefore, a dog friendly holiday home is also one of the most ideal accommodations to use, it is flexible since you don’t have to worry about other people and how they feel about dogs and you have your own space to prepare their breakfasts and dinners for them to munch away on.

Dogs out and about in Sweden

A great place to take your dog is Skateholm Beach, dogs are allowed there any time of day and will love being able to run along the strips of sand and if they´re daring enough brave the icy sea waters. For their owners the beach is equally great with breath-taking views to take in while having a lovely relaxing walk. Another great place to visit is Wämöparken, it is ideal for a dog that loves to play have a go at doing an agility course which is also within the park. This is the perfect place to explore and have some fun trying to train your dog. Lastly for a truly incredible adventure with scenic views, diverse landscape and sumptuous flora and fauna you need to visit Tyresta National Park near Stockholm. Here you can openly explore the land to your hearts content, as well as climbing up the gorgeous mini stone mountains for your very own panoramic views. It’s the perfect place to take your dog, they can run around freely, discover all sorts of new things and go on climbing adventures with you.

Home is where the dog is

After a long days adventures and a very happy yet tired puppy on your hands, there’s nothing better than going back to your dog friendly holiday rental and snuggling up together on the sofa to watch a movie. Then after a goodnights sleep you´ll be ready to be woken up the next morning again by a very excited and energetic puppy ready to have another full day of fun. Another great benefit therefore, for staying in a holiday rental is that you can take your car with you making it much easier to get around with your furry four-legged passenger.


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