Holiday homes perfect for you and your dog in Poland

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Holiday homes perfect for you and your dog in Poland

Happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a fluffy tail

Preparing to go on holiday is always a mixture of excitement to get there and a rush to get everything done and there’s nothing worse than seeing those big round puppy dog eyes staring up at you making you feel extremely guilty for every single thing you pack in your suitcase. Therefore, the best solution is to bring them along, Poland is the ideal destination with lots of dog friendly holiday accommodation and lovely places to go with them on adventures.

So, start packing that fluffy hair covered dog bed, their favourite cuddle blanket covered in puppy drool, a few chewed toys and some treats. Then watch their little faces as they light up with the realisation that they get to come with you, you can get them their very own passport with a picture of them looking serious and before you know it they’ll have more stamps in there than you do in yours.

Paws on the road to Poland

There are endless advantages to getting a holiday home in Poland that is dog friendly, it gives you the option to take your car with easy parking at the holiday accommodation and then you can watch as your furry four-legged passenger hangs out the window next to you enjoying the fresh air on your family road trip. Or if you decide to fly and your pup bumbles up the conveyor belt into the pet compartment of the plane, then you can either hire a car or take public transport. Alongside this you won’t need to worry about them being too noisy or disturbing other guests, you can relax and give your dog all the attention that they want.

Polish adventures with your dog

A great place to take your pooch where they can release all their energy alongside the kids in Krasinski Garden Dog Park, it is in the very centre of Warsaw in Mazovia and has several different attractions to attract not just the dogs but their owners too including an agility slalom where you play with your dog and teach it tricks, a water a station and plenty of benches where you can have a sit down and enjoy the nature around you from the gorgeous looming trees in bright green emeralds in the summer which turn into deep ambers in the autumn.

A Polish day with your Pooch

One other must see while staying in Warsaw in the Multimedia Fountain Park, pad through its stunning lush greenery and see all the things that nature has to offer while letting the whole family let off some energy and run around. Then dip your feet in the fountain to cool down before having a lovely picnic together full of yummy Polish delights to try, however don’t forget to pack a little doggy bag for your furry four-legged family member. After everyone’s eaten all the delicious food to your hearts content lie back on the grass and feel the sun warm your faces as you relax and let the food go down. Then get ready to feel the tingle of that wet nose when your dog’s ready to start playing again.

In the evenings at the Multimedia Fountain Park there is a breath-taking water and lights show which is so exquisite and wonderful to watch even your dog will sit still and watch it. Bring along some drinks, sweets and sit back and enjoy the show, however don’t forget to bring some doggy chocolate since you don’t want anyone in the family to feeling left out. Then you can all return to your lovely Polish holiday rental and tuck the kids and the very tired pup into bed ready for the next day.

Paw prints all over Poland

When looking for where to go to eat with your furry four-legged friend then a perfect place is Metaforma in Krakow, Lesser Poland, as soon as those paws come through the door with a wagging tail they´ll never want to leave. The café is full of water bowls, mats, pillows, yummy treats and even a doggy menu, thus making it definitely your dog’s new favourite haunt that they won’t want to leave.


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