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Dog-friendly holiday cottages in Norfolk

Stay in a Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage in Norfolk

Norfolk is a place of natural beauty with a huge amount of countryside to explore and a vast array of seaside resorts. Because of this, Norfolk is a very popular tourist destination amongst Europeans however most of visitors are British. Dog-friendly cottages in Norfolk make great holiday homes as this area and its tourist attractions are very suitable for dogs. Days at the beaches of Norfolk are always a fun idea for dog-friendly holidays since there is a seemingly endless amount of beaches in Norfolk that allow dogs. One of the most popular being Caister Point Beach in the town of Caister-on-sea, this beach is open to dogs all year round so there are no restrictions when booking your holiday for dog owners in Norfolk.

In the village of Sandringham 2 kilometres from the town of Dersignham, you can find the Sandringham house, a country house which once belonged to and was the home of King Edward VII and his wife, Alexandra of Denmark. Although dogs are not allowed inside the building or gardens, they are permitted in the country park where there is still much to see. A brilliant spot in Norfolk for dog-friendly cottages would be in the Broads, a network of lakes and rivers which are easy to navigate. As the largest wetlands in England, the Broads offer unique countryside views such as large open flat grasslands and pastures where many windmills and wide rivers can be seen everywhere, these areas are great for casual walkers, but for more energetic and advanced walkers there are still many rolling hills throughout this countryside and many historical buildings to be seen such as St. Benet's Abbey



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