Book a villa in Italy and bring your dog on holiday!

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Italy is a great holiday location, stunning architecture, beautiful sea views and never ending golden beaches… but what would make it even better would be having your dog with you right? When you book a holiday with dogs allowed in Italy you will be able to experience a fantastic holiday and not have to miss your canine pal!
In Italy, a lot has been taken care of to make your holiday with dog Italy as easy as possible! In Italy family time is very important so leaving their family pet out is not an option! One recommended region for your holidays with pets Italy is South Tyrol, where dogs are well accepted in various restaurants and public places. For example, dogs are regularly offered bowls of water without request. Other regions where to spend holidays with dog Italy easily are: Tuscany, Veneto, Calabria, Sardinia, Abruzzo.

Here are a few useful tips for a carefree holiday with dogs:

- Your dog needs a pet passport, which you can pick up at your local vet
- Your dog should be microchipped
- At least 21 days and no more than one year must have passed since the last rabies vaccination
-  In Italy, the regulation enforced in 2009 states that dogs be kept on a lead.
- Always pick up after your dog

In the summer months, this Italy offers plenty of meadows and woodland trails for your dog to explore. In winter, there’s a blanket of fresh snow that your four-legged friend will really enjoy rolling about in. And the best thing about spending a holiday with your dog in Italy is that you can easily find dog-friendly accommodation! In line with the increasing success of dog-friendly hotels, Italy’s northernmost region offers an array of possibility when you don’t want to leave man’s best friend behind!

Take note!

The following breeds are banned in Italy:
1. American Bulldog
2. Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog
3. Anatolian Shepherd Dog
4. Central Asian Shepherd Dog
5. Caucasian Shepherd Dog
6. Portuguese Sheepdog
7. Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian Mastiff)
8. Dogo Argentino
9. Perro da ganado majorero
10. Dogo Canario
11. Pitbull and all its variants
12. Portuguese Mastiff
13. Rottweiler
14. Tosa Inu