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Dog-friendly cottages on the Isle of Wight

Spend your dog-friendly holidays on the Isle of Wight

Often considered the most dog friendly place in the United Kingdom, you'll find masses of comfort and joy for you and your pet in a dog-friendly cottage on the Isle of Wight. Possibly the most attractive and popular aspect of dog-friendly holidays on the Isle of Wight is the 57 miles of beach to choose from, a lot of which is dog friendly making this island a great playground for your pup. Popular beaches amongst dog owners include those in Bembridge where low tides expose, huge, open areas for the dogs to frolic around in. The beaches in St. Helens also come highly recommended as this sand dune beach offers some brilliant views.

On the Isle of Wight there are many dog friendly cottages near historical and natural sites to visit and marvel at such as Carisbrooke Castle in Carisbrooke, near Newport or even the Needles, a distinct rock formation in Needle park near the town of Freshwater. Isle of Wight's unspoiled countryside is also a perfect areas for dog walking. Your four-legged friend has so much to explore on dog friendly holidays exploring the Isle of Wight with new sites and smells to experience in and out of the lovely towns scattered all over the place. Why not visit the adventure parks in the Isle of Wight? There are 2 different adventure parks here which are dog friendly; the Blackgang Chine Adventure Park and also the Robin Hill Adventure Park. These parks are great for woodland walks and spotting wildlife, just make sure you have your dog on a lead at all times.


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