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Dog Friendly Holiday Cottages in Ireland

Dog Friendly Holidays in Ireland

The Common Travel Area is a zone comprised of the United kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, this means that people from the UK are allowed to travel freely into Ireland without any specific requirements however taking photo ID is advised as well as a passport if you are travelling by plane. This also means that there are no special requirements for taking your pets into Ireland either, so you are free to go abroad on dog friendly holidays in Ireland without the stressful rigmarole of taking your dog to any other oversea destinations especially is you're travelling from Northern Ireland.

People who go on dog friendly holidays in Ireland tend to go for its historical sites, incredible countryside and traditional pubs and restaurants. This is great news for people wanting to stay in dog friendly cottages in Ireland as it is not common that these sorts of tourist attractions would not allow dogs. Possibly one of the most famous historical sites in Ireland is the Blarney castle located in Blarney, near Cork and location of the world famous Blarney Stone. Although dogs may not enter the castle, they are by all means permitted to walk around the grounds where you can still view a large amount of the partial ruins. North west of Dublin near the town of Navan, you can find the Hill of Tara, a historical site in the countryside which is the location of multiple ancient monuments and is also said to be the seat of the High king of Ireland.

Dog friendly cottages in Ireland's coastline towns, especially in the south, are great for lovers of the sea. In Clonakilty, not only are the sites great, but it's a very popular seaside town on the southern coast of Ireland where you be able to find many suitable beaches for you and your dog perfect for dog friendly holidays in Ireland as well as dog friendly pubs and restaurants.


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