Rent a holiday home or villa in Greece and bring your dog!

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Rent a holiday home or villa in Greece and bring your dog!

Greece – Dog friendly holidays

Dog friendly accommodation in Greece is perfect for you and your beloved pet! No one wants to leave their pet behind on holiday and you shouldn’t have to! Greece offers a multitude of opportunities for you. The dog friendly Greece accommodation ranges from apartments to villas to hotels which all will welcome your pets with open arms! Greece is a country full of delicious Mediterranean cuisine, beautiful sunsets and a chilled atmosphere.

Dog friendly beaches are all around when you book dog friendly accommodation

In the hot weather a great activity with your dog is swimming. Luckily, dogs are allowed to swim in the sea in Greece so long as nobody is annoyed by them. To avoid taking any risks take your dog to a more isolated side of the beach, far away from people. Your dog will have more space and you will get peace of mind. When you book dof friendly accommodation in Greece you want it to be as relaxing as possible. With a safe rural environment and great nature, the Greek islands and mainland destinations are fantastic places for pets and no wonder it’s such a popular place to visit.

Athens is an overall pet-friendly city with many pet-friendly cafes, restaurants and some very decent pet-friendly hotels.
If your dog is under 10 kilos or fits in 70X40X50 cage you can take it with you in Athens Metro, the Bus Station and the trains.


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