Book holiday accommodation in Germany and bring your dog!

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Book holiday accommodation in Germany and bring your dog!

When booking a family holiday in Germany, you want to come and enjoy the fun, and of course that includes your dog, so why should you compromise and put them in a kennel? Your dog needs a holiday too! There are many great destinations for dog friendly holidays in Germany that you and your dog will undoubtedly enjoy. The statement ‘German’s are dog lovers’ is true, most restaurants and cafés welcome well behaved dogs with open arms. Whether you want to walk on a beach, discover the woodland or just visit the city knowing that your dog won’t be refused, you can be assured there is a dog friendly holiday in Germany for you.

Experience a dog friendly holiday in the north of Germany through beaches and green parks

In the north of Germany, you will find a wide range of places and holiday homes which welcome dogs with open arms. With regard to beaches, Lübeck is a great location, offering places such as Travemünde beach. Beaches are fantastic places to take your dog on holiday, and Germany is no exception. The weather in north Germany is also not as hot in comparison to southern beaches, so your dog won’t be likely to suffer from heat exhaustion from all the fun and running around.
Hamburg is also suitable place to take your dogs on holiday. Dogs are allowed in most cafés and restaurants. Hamburg has many green areas for your dog to visit, such as Planten und Blumen, but the most highly recommended is the Elbe Beach. Dogs are allowed in almost every park, except Unna park and former cemetary Norderreihe & August-Lütgens-Park. Hamburg's law states that you must keep your dog on a leash. If you don't, you might have to pay a fine.

The south of Germany offers endless walks and countryside for your holiday with your four legged friend!

The town in Garmisch Partenkirchen is a particularly good destination for a dog friendly holiday. There’s a popular dog park where you can also meet other dog lovers.
The Northern Black Forest is also a fantastic place for a dog friendly holiday. Endless walks and hiking tours await you and your four-legged friends. You can choose between hiking routes for just a few hours and day trips or even multi-day tours. In Munich, there is the English Garden for example, one of the largest urban parks in the world, situated right in the centre of Munich, where dogs and their owners can roam freely and enjoy a network of 48,5 miles of hiking, cycling and walking paths - with 3 beer gardens to choose from if wanting to take a break.

Other parts of Germany to explore with your dogs

If you are looking for an actual dog park, there are plenty in Kaiserslautern, Frankfurt, and surrounding areas. It is a similar case in Bitburg, in which there is a lake called Stausee Bitburg where you can bring your dog to go swimming.
Hundestrand Oppenheim is another popular destination to take pets on holiday. Here, dogs are more than welcome to swim in the Rhine River and play along the beach with fellow dogs. Furthermore, it’s a great way to meet fellow dog enthusiasts and familiarize with local culture. If you and your dog are feeling adventurous, Müggelsee, a large lake in Berlin, is known for hosting beginner’s paddle boarding courses and your dog is welcome. Munich also offers paddle boarding classes where your dog is allowed.

Please take note!

The following dogs are prohibited in Germany:
- American Pitbull Terrier
- American Staffordshire Terrier
- Staffordshire Bull Terrier
- English Bull Terrier


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