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Dog Friendly Cottages, France

Dog Friendly Holidays in France

France is a very popular destination for holiday makers who want to go abroad with their dogs thanks to the amount of dog friendly cottages in France that are available. Due to the proximity of France to the UK, it's only a short trip over the English channel ensuring your four-legged friend won't have to go on any stressful long-haul journeys. Just be sure that your dog's vaccinations are up to date and has all the necessary identification before setting off for your dog friendly holiday in France.

Dog friendly cottages in France are the perfect solution for bringing your pets on holiday with you. The large open spaces and the privacy of having your own holiday home allow for your dog to settle in easier. Regardless of where you go, whether it be Calais or Marseille, not only will you have the holiday of a lifetime but so will your dog. France offers you and your dog new sights and excellent scenery, perfect for long walks. You are also sure to find many dog friendly beaches all over the country as the French are almost as crazy about canines as us Brits. France's countryside and climate is also not too far off the climate and countryside of Britain, just with a lot less rain and more sun. This can be to your advantage as dog's often find it stressful to acclimatise to new surroundings. After long days of frolicking through the woods or playing on the beach, there's nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa with your pet and spending the rest of the day relaxing in your dog friendly cottage in France.


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